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Monster Mayhem | Kid Friendly Monsters

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

Monster Mayhem is a perfect family-friendly outing. This year (2021) they are hosting a walk-through event instead of a drive-thru. But the adorable monsters are still the same–cute instead of scary! We are excited to see what creations they have this year at their two different locations. We will update this review after we check out the new walk-thru, but enjoy our review of last year’s drive-thru.

The two creators of Monster Mayhem hand-made all of the monsters on display. Each monster is set in a different scene, and we were amazed at the detail of the display. These monsters aren’t scary at all, and we think that the younger crowd will enjoy this activity the most (although I absolutely loved these cute monsters).

The monster campers reminded us of us.
This monster blew smoke. It was so cool!
We loved the little monster baby.

The drive-thru isn’t super long. After showing your ticket, inch your car through the display while listening to the Halloween music in the background. Tune your radio to 89.7 FM when you arrive.

The monster display runs the length of the parking lot.

They also had an I Spy game for the kids to play while you drive through and enjoy the monsters. Our older boys loved looking for each of the objects on the list, and we found about 75% of them. We probably need to go back for another visit to find the rest of the hidden objects.

The I Spy list was fun for our kids.
There are so many fun monster scenes to see.

We recommend going in the dark. The monsters looks so fun all lit up and partying after the sun goes down, but we did visit during daytime and enjoyed it just as much. No matter when you visit, the monsters are adorable.

The monsters are just as cute in the daylight.
We hope he makes it to Transylvania for Halloween.

This event costs $6/person, so it’s definitely affordable for families and a great way to enjoy Halloween. Check out more details and purchase tickets at Monster Mayhem. And visit our post of 13 Unique Halloween adventures for other ideas like this one.

Monster Mayhem will be at Station Park from September 22-25. Then you can visit Monster Mayhem at Mountain View Village in Riverton from October 1-30. The address is 4533 W Kestrel Range Rd, Riverton.

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