BOOtanical | Red Butte Gardens

Red Butte Garden is set in Salt Lake up on the bench, and is a beautiful garden with paths and places to explore. This garden has some trails right inside of it, too. We were excited when we heard that they hosted a Halloween event because it sounded family-friendly and fun. So we went to check out BOOtanical at Red Butte Garden.

There is Halloween decor throughout the entire garden.

BOOtanical is set up throughout the garden. There are 7 different areas with Halloween displays. We followed the map, and there were signs, to help us see all of the different Halloween displays. None of them were scary, and instead they focused on the fun of Halloween. There were spiders, vampires, witches, and more. We loved looking at the details of each display.

There is a map that shows the route through BOOtanical.
The displays are fun, and family-friendly.
We loved all the details in each spooky spot.
And the skeletons were a bunch of fun.

Another great thing about BOOtanical is that they had golden pumpkins hidden throughout the displays. Our boys loved searching for them and keeping track of how many they had found. We also liked the information signs that were on display in each area. We learned a lot about different plants as we walked through the gardens.

Watch for the golden pumpkins.
Read these signs to learn new things.

The Fall colors were beautiful in Red Butte Garden. We went the very last week of October and the colors were still lovely, so I’m sure at peak season they were amazing. We loved walking through the gardens and admiring all the plants, too. Although we were focused on the Halloween aspect, we also walked through the gardens and imagined them in full Spring bloom. We need to go back and visit then.

The fall colors were so pretty at the garden.
There are lots of beautiful spots to explore.
We walked on as many paths as we could.

We visited BOOtanical at Red Butte Garden during the day. This event also happens at night. Everything is lit up, and I think our boys would love to try visiting at night. It would be a little spookier, but nothing was scary at this event. We still enjoyed the display during the day, and would recommend visiting during the daytime for young kids (for warmth and spookiness). You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the gardens as much at night either. Next year we will check it out at night and let you know which we preferred.

This is the display that I wished I could see at nighttime. I bet it looks really neat.

Add BOOtanical to your Halloween event list. It was so much fun, and we loved being outside in the beautiful Red Butte Gardens. We are adding this to our favorite Fall activities in Utah list. For information about dates and times for BOOtanical, check the Red Butte Garden website.

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