Sugar House Park | Salt Lake City

Salt Lake County is full of amazing parks, and we finally visited one of the county’s oldest parks this week. Sugar House Park has been around since the old prison was moved in the 1950’s, but it has a new playground and lots of other fun family activities.

First of all, Sugar House Park is huge! We had to park on the far side because of some construction, and we walked a long way to get to the playground. But it was worth it. The playground is so fun. It has a lot of climbing structures, which was great for my 8 year old. He enjoyed it because this park is really geared toward older kids. There is a small toddler playground, and some fun logs and rocks to climb on, but mostly, this park is for kids age 5-12. The playground also has swings.

Sugar House Park is quite large!
The playground is a lot of fun for kids who love to climb.
There are so many different challenges on this playground.
There is a small playground for younger kids, as well as some unique climbing spots.

Sugar House Park also has some fun nature centered areas. There are huge grassy fields for picnics or sports activities. There is a large pond with a few fountains. We found a lot of ducks, geese, and seagulls near the water. We had packed some cut up lettuce and grapes just in case, and the birds were really happy.

The pond at Sugar House Park is large and fun to walk around.
We brought cut-up grapes to feed the birds.
The mountains are a beautiful backdrop to the park.

There is a small creek that runs through the park and we enjoyed walking along the creek in the shady trees. We also found a few other ducks to feed, and a squirrel.

The park has a large walking path on the inside of the road that drives through the park, so we saw a lot of walkers and a few bikers, too. There are also a few different pavilions.

There is a walking path around this park, too.
A small creek runs through the park.
There are huge trees and lots of grass.
We found a few ducks in the creek, too.

We noticed that there was a nice, big, grassy hill that would be perfect for sledding, so we are going to keep that in mind for the winter season. For more info about Sugar House park, visit the Salt Lake County Parks page.

We think this hill would be awesome for sledding.
There are a few pavilions throughout the park.

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