Farmington Creek Trail

We love the Lagoon Trail in Farmington. Someone clued us in that after the Lagoon Trail, you can continue along Farmington Creek Trail to Farmington Pond. From there, you can go even further to see the Farmington Bigfoot! We decided to check out this shady, paved trail.

This trail is almost entirely shaded all day.

We began the trail at the west end of 300 North in Farmington, just west of Main Street. There are spots for parking along the street and in a small pull-out area. You can hike the Lagoon Trail from here to the south, but today we took the trail to the north.

This is where we began the Farmington Creek Trail.

The Farmington Creek Trail heads through the shady trees. The first part of this trail has some signs for the Lagoon trail since it is still behind Lagoon. Soon the trail crosses a few bridges and heads away from Lagoon. There are also benches and picnic areas along the trail. Make sure to keep your eyes open for the chair cut into the tree. Our boys called it the Throne.

There are some bridges and the walk is stroller friendly.
There are benches and tables in shady spots along the trail.
The Throne
The trail walks under the road, which makes a fun tunnel to walk through.

A little less than a mile down the trail (0.8 mile), there is a small climb up to Farmington Pond. This small pond is great for fishing, and we enjoyed the baby ducks and geese. There is a small beach area, and we think this would be a great spot for kayaking. The water looked pretty deep, so be careful if you wade or swim.

Make sure to follow the trail past this gate. This is the way up to Farmington Pond.
The pond is beautiful place to hike, fish, or picnic.
We saw a few baby ducks during spring.

This is a great turn around point. It makes the trail 1.6 miles and all easy. If you’d like to hike to the Farmington Bigfoot, it is a climb up from the pond to continue on the Farmington Creek Trail and a short climb to the Bigfoot statue. This part of the trail is not stroller friendly.

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