Cabela’s in Farmington

We live just a few minutes away from the Cabela’s store in Lehi. One of our favorite things to do in winter is stop by for a few minutes. It feels like a big adventure to walk and look at all the animals (stuffed), watch the fish swim, and maybe play the shooting game upstairs. We wanted to see how the Cabela’s Farmington compared, so we finally stopped.

Cabelas Farmington has its own little map at the front.

First of all, the Farmington store is much smaller. It is probably half as big and there is no second floor. We still enjoyed our visit, but it was a much quicker walk through than the Lehi Cabela’s.

There are animals on the wall and throughout the store. We really liked the fake trees with bears and mountain lions on display. It was fun to walk right beneath them. Make sure to walk around the entire store to see all of the different animals.

There are animal displays all along the wall.
I really loved the trees with displays in the middle of the store.

There is a small animal mountain where you can see a bunch of animals in one spot. We liked that they had a touch screen that provided information about the different animals on display. The fish tank is part of the animal mountain, but there were some really large fish in there.

This is the mountain at the back of the store.
You can see how the fish tank is part of the mountain.
We liked the touch screen that let you learn about the animals on the mountain.

Although the Farmington Cabela’s is a little smaller, it is definitely a fun outing when you want to get out of the house for awhile. We saw a few other families doing the same thing we were doing, and the younger kids especially loved it.

Cabela’s stores are always easy to spot.

Cabela’s Farmington is located right by Station Park at 391 N Cabela’s Dr, Farmington.

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  1. Jonathan Nielsen

    My family loves the Cabela’s in Lehi, and we’ve been to the Bass Pro Shop in Southern California (same company). Awesome stores. Hopefully we’ll make it to the Cabela’s in Farmington sometime.

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We love these stores, too! Glad you enjoy them as much as we do.