Hike the J for Juab

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The Juab J is easily visible from I-15 as you pass the middle Nephi exit. It faces southwest on the east side of the freeway just north of the canyon.


As far as we could tell, it is unhikable. Google maps shows several trails leading to the J, but all roads led to dead ends. We tried the shooting range, and that was as close as we got. There were three different roads that looked promising, but none panned out. Surprisingly, the frontage road is fenced off and does not go through near the J.

If you drive into the shooting range, it looks like you can hike from there, but we felt like that was too long for our little ones.


If you know how to access the Juab J, please leave us a comment below. If there is a letter you’d like us to visit, let us know!

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