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Fountain Green is a small town in Sanpete County. There is a hillside FG that can be spotted on the east side of the road as you enter town from the north.


This letter is very easy to visit as it is not much of a hike up to it. The F and G are made of rocks supported by white boards and are much smaller than most of the letters we’ve visited. Also, this is one of the newer letters– I’ve been driving this route for years, and it seems to me it popped up in the nineties.

You park just below the FG and walk up the hill.
You really blaze your own trail. There is not a defined route up the hillside.

To reach the FG, turn east on 400 N toward the cemetery. Before you enter the cemetery turn left on a dirt road and go to the bridge. There is a sign that forbids you from crossing the bridge, but you can park before the bridge and walk up to the FG without disobeying the sign. If you’re really lazy, you can take a picture from the highway, too.

We climbed the hill and made it to the FG!
We climbed the hill and made it to the FG!

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