Hike the M for Moroni

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We were a little surprised that the farmers were allowed to build a fence right through the M in Moroni!


Our quest to find hillside letters led us to Sanpete County this past week. We stopped in the small town of Moroni to give the M a try. It was really easy to find, but more difficult to reach.


The M faces south, so if you enter town from the north, you may not even see it. This letter is not really drivable or hikable without crossing fences, which we are unwilling to do. We did get with in a few hundred yards of the M, though.

The “trail” is flat and easy.
This is as close as we could get without hopping fences.


To reach the Moroni M, drive up 300 East, and when it turns into a dirt road, keep going. You’ll know you are headed the right way, because the M will be right in front of you. Continue until you hit the turn around and park. There is an opening in the fence which allows you to walk north for about a third of a mile, basically to the foot of the hill.

When you turn down 300 E, the M will be directly in front of you.


If you know of a better way to access the M, please let us know! You can also leave a comment about a letter you’d like us to visit.

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