Ogden Christmas Village

WOW! This place is amazing. We had no idea that the Ogden Christmas Village light display would become one of our favorite adventures when we first visited in 2010. Ogden City takes an entire block and covers it with lights. You can stroll through the area and look inside lots of little village houses. Most of the little houses represent a historical site in Ogden or a company that has been around a long time. Our boys loved peeking in all the windows. Visiting Ogden Christmas Village should be on everyone’s Christmas activity list.

The entire block is covered in lights!


We spent over an hour walking around the Ogden Christmas Village. Each of the little buildings in the village have different displays and decorations. Our boys love looking in each one and seeing what the theme is for that house. All of the houses are decorated for Christmas and we saw reindeer, elves, Santa, and much more. There is also a small Nativity display in the middle of all of the lights.

We love the little elf village houses.
Each building is decorated in a different style.
You can look inside and see what is happening!
Can you see Rudolph in there?
The villages line the sidewalks as you weave your way around the block.
This is the small Nativity scene.

Train Rides and Santa

One of the highlights is the small train running that offers free rides. There is usually a line that moves pretty quickly since the ride is short, but fun. On Saturday when we visited there was live music going on at the amphitheater, too. Santa is at the Ogden Christmas Village from 6-9 pm on weekdays, and 5-9 pm on Saturdays (no Santa on Sunday). It is free to visit with Santa! We didn’t stop because the line was long, but this is a great spot to find Santa for free.

This train ride goes through two different tunnels. Kids love it!


Even without the fun village, the lights that cover this block are beautiful. We used to visit the Ogden Christmas village with my grandparents. My grandma said sometimes they would just drive around the block to look at the lights. We were always glad when she came to walk through the village with us. There are so many bright colors all over this part of Ogden.

It’s hard to capture how many lights there are on display.
We love the big tree with hanging lights.
There are lots of spot for great photos.

This is definitely something to add to your must do list for Christmas. Best of all, the Ogden Christmas Village is free! It is also stroller and wheel friendly, so anyone can enjoy this adventure.

Look at this old photo of our family. This adventure was one of the first ones we shared on this website. We have been coming here for a long time.

Tips for Families

  • Dress warm. This is an outdoor adventure.
  • There are a few little shops to buy treats if you’d like. We like to eat dinner and then come visit.
  • Visit on a weeknight if possible. This place gets busy, especially on the weekends.
  • You can walk through during the day, but we recommend nighttime. Lights come on at 5:00, so you can come when it is still slightly light out, which helps avoid some of the crowds, too.
  • Plan 1-2 hours depending on if you visit with Santa or not.
The Ogden Christmas Village church


Ogden’s Christmas Village is located at 2549 S Washington Blvd. The Ogden City website has a link to help you get directions. Here are some simple ones. From 1-15 take Exit #340 (24th St/UT-53). Turn right off the exit. This road is UT-53/Pennsylvania Avenue but becomes 24th Street. Follow up to Washington Blvd. Hang a right and in a block you will see these amazing lights! We usually look for street parking nearby.

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  1. Dani Wortman

    Do the lights turn off? If so what time?

    1. Natalie

      We looked really hard, and we didn’t find the answer to this question! Sorry!


  2. Camie Barber

    Is there a charge or is it free?

    1. Natalie

      It is FREE!

  3. Tiffany

    That is cool! Maybe we will try to go this week. Nice of you to take Grandma, I bet she loved it!

  4. Natalie Ockey

    It’s all over the Internet. Basically, downtown Ogden– an entire city block between 25th and 26th South and Grant and Washington streets.