Butterfield Family Lights

Just around the corner from our house, there is a new holiday light show. We love families who put so much time into creating fun outings for us. The Butterfield Family Lights are a fun stop, especially if you pair it with our Lehi Christmas Light Drive. They have also added a Halloween version of their show, too. You can read more about it on our Lehi Halloween Lights Drive.

The lights do so many fun things in this local display.

The Butterfield Family Light Show has lots of lights and several small screens. We enjoyed the different animations on the screens. Our boys especially loved the dancing banana during the Grinch song. There are many colors in this display, and the lights are very well timed to music.

The rainbow colors are pretty cool.
The animations on the little screens were super fun!

One unique feature that we appreciated was the light board. This was like a marquis sign that had the names of the songs running across the screen, so we knew what was playing. It also says the name of the light show, and which radio station to tune in.

The little screen on the left shows the song, the radio station, and name of the show.

Butterfield Family Lights is located at 1039 W 1630 S in Lehi. Check their Facebook page for current hours. The home is in a cul-de-sac, so be courteous of where you park and always remember to turn off your lights. Here are a few photos from their Halloween show. Make sure to add this home to both Christmas and Halloween stops.

We liked the singing faces on the roof.
They used great Halloween colors.

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