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Hidden Lake, sometimes called Underground Lake, is a small, natural lake nestled in a cave on the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Even though this lake is on private property, the sanctuary allows you to visit. There is a narrow sandy road all the way to the lake, but we decided that it was a little too sandy for us to try in our van. We knew if we had to pull over to pass someone on the narrow road, that we’d likely spin our tires into that sand and need help getting out. We wouldn’t recommend a car on this road. But we do recommend visiting Hidden Lake in Kanab.

Hidden Lake is super cool!

Hike Info

Luckily, the hike to Hidden Lake is fairly short and pleasant. There is a large place to park near the creekbed that easily accommodates several vehicles. The hike along the road is not shaded, and the Kanab area can be unforgivingly hot, but the hike is only about 1.5 miles roundtrip.

The hike climbs slightly, but there are no steep spots. After a quarter mile, the road splits and there is a second parking area. One fork turns left, but you’ll need to choose the right. We saw beautiful flowers in the Fall as we hiked along, and there is a pleasant pasture and a shady stop or two as you approach the lake. After three-quarters of a mile, you come to a large turn around with a BLM sign.

The hike follows sandy roads the entire way.
There are fences and pastures in a few spots.
We were grateful to be there in September when it wasn’t too hot.
The road ends at this sign. Stay to the right of the sign to find the Hidden Lake.
The scenery is beautiful, but there is no shade!

Hidden Lake

Walk the narrow trail past the sign to the right for about 50 yards, and you come to a large underground cavern. The lake is in this cavern, and though you have to stoop a little, it’s not difficult to get inside. We didn’t have great light, just the phones, so it was difficult to see all the way to the back of the lake. Bring a flashlight if you would like a good look. Also, “lake” is a generous title. We’d have probably called it a grotto or a pond, but any water in this part of Utah is a welcome sight.

The rock formations are really neat right here, too.
The water is very clear in Hidden Lake.
Our boys enjoyed playing in the sand and exploring the rocks.

We enjoyed our hike to Hidden Lake in Kanab. There are many things to do in and around Kanab, so make sure to check out our Things to do in Kanab page for more ideas!


To find Hidden Lake, turn on to the Best Friends Sanctuary road (Angel Canyon Road/Kanab Canyon Road) about 5 miles outside of Kanab. About 3 miles down this road you will see a small dirt road, this is where you want to turn and park. There is a small parking area down by the river, and this is where the hike begins. We got a map from the welcome center at Best Friends, and it was very helpful.

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