Conservation Garden Park | West Jordan

West Jordan has a really cool and educational garden. We visited the Conservation Garden Park last week and had so much fun learning about plants, water, and conservation. A trip to this walkthrough park would be great for any young school class, Scout troop or club, but it is also a nice, stroller-friendly stroll for families.

The Conservation Garden Park’s goal is to educate people on the finite amount of water in Utah. As our state continues to grow, that limited amount of water is stretched further and further. We learned a lot about the water that we use, where it comes from, and how we can conserve it. We also enjoyed a lot of native Utah plants, and a nice walk through the displays.

The focus of this park is to increase awareness about water conservation.
The walk through this garden is paved and wheel friendly.
There are lots of beautiful spots.
Benches are spread throughout the park.

One of our favorite displays walked you through the course water takes to your sink. We even got to walk through one of the large pipes that carries water under the city. Best of all, there were interpretive signs along the way to help us learn and understand.

We really enjoyed learning about how our water comes to our faucet.
The signs explained every step.
Our boys really liked walking through the huge pipe.

Another display showed simple ways to conserve water. It pointed out where much of our water is wasted, and urged all Utahns to work on cutting water consumption by 25%, which is the stated goal of the facility.

One section of the garden focuses on how you can help save water at home.
There are a few hands on displays.
We read and discussed the signs with our kids.

The flowers and trees are beautiful in the Conservation Garden Park. We were glad that all of the plants were labeled so we could learn about each one. This park is about half shady and half not-shady.

There are some shady areas to enjoy on your walk.
We were so glad that the flowers and trees were all labeled.
There are a huge variety of plants, bushes, and trees to see.

We enjoyed the Conservation Garden Park. There is an education center, but it was closed when we visited. This park is free to walk through and a great way to spend an hour or two.

The Conservation Garden Park is a lovely little stroll right in the city.

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