Hidden Hunts

When I was little, my siblings and I made up little scavenger hunts for each other. You’d read a short clue that sent you to another place for the next clue. At the end of the hunt, there would be some kind of treasure. Now, a local company called Hidden Hunts gives you the opportunity to do the same, but in a much more interesting way.

Hidden Hunts is a fun way to explore your community.

The creator of Hidden Hunts is a big fan of escape rooms and creative dates, so he merged these ideas together to create his “treasure” hunts. Each hunt is designed with a certain number of clues in a certain location. Once you solve a puzzle, like you would in an escape room, it gives you the next clue to finishing the hunt. This is a great idea for a date because you work together to solve the clues, or if you are super competitive, make it a double date and compete against another couple.

Hidden Hunts is all done on your phone.

Hidden Hunts has over 40 different treasure hunts right here in Utah (and even more in Arkansas). Some are walking hunts that take place in a very localized area. Others send you driving across the valley to find the next clue. Each hunt is labeled with the level of difficulty, the cost, and about how long it will take you. It is easy to get on the website, hiddenhunts.com, and find the adventure that is just right for you.

Here is a sampling of what some of the hunts look like.

The best thing about Hidden Hunts was the quality of the clues and the challenge of solving them. In our hunt, we unscrambled words and solved codes, using the plaques and signs in the park. These clues are presented on the phone, and you enter in the answer to the riddle before being presented with another clue. If you need help, you can ask for a clue, and if you really struggle, the phone will give you the answer.

The clues are fun and challenging.
We also like that you can work together to solve the clues.

After you buy the adventure, your team (recommended at 2-3 people), follows the clues to answer each riddle and move on to the next location. We had two teams playing, and though the clues were the same, we started in different places, so the other team didn’t spoil anything for us. We enjoyed competing, particularly that we were able to choose our own level of competition. Each hunt has a different amount of teams that it can handle. Some can even handle up to 12 teams, so you could take a youth group out to try a Hidden Hunts activity.

Walking around trying to find the next clue.

Here is a step by step of how this will work:

  1. Pick the Hidden Hunt you want to try. We tried the Meander down Main in Lehi. Everything was right around the Legacy Center.
  2. Purchase the hunt. You will need to buy one for each team and create an account (or use your Google login). So we had two teams and bought one on each phone we were using.
  3. Start the hunt at the same time! We counted down and then hit the “Begin Hunt” simultaneously.
  4. Solve the clues.
  5. Be the first to finish and receive the Congrats screen (everyone who finishes will get a congrats screen!)
  6. Check out the prizes. This area is still developing. But you earn a token for each hunt you complete that can be redeemed for a treat or prize at local businesses.
This screen makes you feel so accomplished!

Hidden Hunts is a really fun adventure that works perfectly for small groups or teen dates. Check out their website for more information on this unique adventure idea. And if you are looking for other fun date ideas, check out our Utah Date Nights post.

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