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We like to give you some hints about places to eat on the road. This post is about our favorite pizza place in Utah. It is an all-time favorite. Roy’s Pizza in Ephraim is our choice for best restaurant in Sanpete county, and we always stop there when we go through the valley.

Roy's Pizza
We have been coming here for many years!

Roy’s Pizza was opened in 1986 as a Fat Jack’s franchise, which then changed to Roy’s about 10 years ago. This pizza place is family owned and operated, and you can stop and talk to Roy, or his wife, who are almost always running the pizza ovens when we stop by. Randy grew up in Ephraim so he has been coming here for many years!

This is our favorite order at Roy’s pizza.

One thing we like about Roy’s is that there are a few options for what you can enjoy here. First, is the pizza, and this is definitely the highlight. Our favorite pizza order is pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage. We like to order a big pizza so we can take some home.The crust is perfect, and there is a generous amount of mozzarella cheese on every slice. At Roy’s the sausage is fresh, and so are the mushrooms. 

Our favorite things to eat here at the sticks with cheese. They are bread sticks made with the pizza dough with lots of mozzarella cheese on top. You will want to dip them in marinara sauce or Ranch dressing, so make sure to order a few cups of each.

Roy's Pizza
The pizza is SOOOOO good!
Roy's Pizza
Oops, I forget to snap a picture before we devoured all the sticks with cheese!

We have one son that doesn’t eat pizza, though. (We know, we know, we think he’s weird, too). Roy’s also has pasta. We order a large pasta that our boys share, too. They have marinara and fettuccine sauces, and each order comes with a garlic bread, too.

A few of our boys like to eat pasta at Roy’s Pizza.

That isn’t the end of options, though. Roy’s also has an ice cream parlor. You can get a cone or an old-fashioned ice cream soda. They also have fun ice cream concoctions like the James Brownie, which we had tonight. It is a combination of vanilla ice cream, brownies, whipped cream and hot fudge. It was amazing. It’s a great treat to stop by Roy’s just for the ice cream.

We love the James Brownie for sharing. You can also get the Little Richard which is smaller.
We love the James Brownie for sharing. You can also get the Little Richard which is smaller.

Roy’s has a large room with tons of tables, so you can bring quite a crowd here. This is nice because sometimes it can get quite busy, but there is always somewhere to sit.

We make it a point to get to Roy’s Pizza 4-5 times a year. Usually we have to find a reason to go down to Ephraim, but it is well worth it. If you are visiting Sanpete, make sure you drop by and give it a try. Roy’s is located on the east side of the road on Main Street and almost 100 South.

*Though this may sound like a commercial, we received no compensation for this review, and the honest opinions expressed are our own.

Roy’s is great!

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