Cross E Ranch Spring Festival

Cross E Ranch puts on the best festivals. They have so many fun activities for all ages. We had so much fun at the Cross E Ranch Spring Festival because it combines all of the fun yard activities with adorable baby animals. How can you not love that?

So many baby animals.

Baby Animals

During the Cross E Ranch Spring Festival, the farm is filled with baby animals. They allow visitors to step inside many of the pens and spend time petting the animals, too. We were able to pet bunnies and calves. They even have three goat areas because the goats are so popular. We sat down on the ground and the goats climbed right on top of us. It was so fun! They also had a few sheep, llamas, pigs and horses, to visit with from outside the fence, too.

There are different areas for all the animals.
The bunnies were so soft.
The goats loved climbing on Randy.
They didn’t care who you were. They wanted to be King of the Hill.
This goat kept eating my hair.
Some animals you enjoy from outside the fence.
One of these guys just got a hair cut.

One of the things we love about Cross E Ranch is that they are focus on educating visitors. There were signs about all of the animals next to their pens. They also had a few workers walking around with certain animals sharing facts and allowing you to pet the animal. We love that they turn their farm into an educational space.

There are many information signs around the farm.
There were also a few games on the learning signs.
The workers also taught us a lot about the animals.


Cross E Ranch has a bunch of fun activities. We enjoyed these activities in the fall, too. There are big jumping pillows, an obstacle course, duck races, ziplines, big slides, and so much more. Our kids had a lot of fun with the big yard games, such as Jenga, too. There are wagon rides and a tractor barrel ride that younger kids really enjoy. There is so much to do! Your family can spend a whole evening playing here.

It is harder than it looks to run in one of these!
We love racing the rubber duckies.
The obstacle course has a lot to do.

Tulip Field

At the Cross E Ranch Spring Festival, they planted a whole field of tulips. One of our favorite spring activities is visiting the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a whole field of tulips to enjoy. We wandered through and admired all of the different colors and took quite a few pictures. We loved this addition to the festival.

The tulip field was so pretty.
We got some great photos.


Cross E Ranch serves a lot of amazing food at their farm. We enjoyed dinner of burgers and fries. They also have corn dogs, hot dogs, pulled pork sandwiches, and more. There are a bunch of treats, too. Our favorite thing to get at Cross E Ranch is the apple cider donuts. We bought a whole dozen and devoured them throughout our visit to the Spring Festival.

The food is delicious.
Do not skip the donuts. They are worth it!
They have a ton of seating around the farm for enjoying your meal or treats.

If you are looking for a really fun spring activity, Cross E Ranch Spring Festival can’t be beat. Everyone enjoyed the evening we spent exploring the property. For current hours and prices, check out the Cross E Ranch website.

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