Utah Healing Field | 9/11 Memorial

Every year in honor of 9/11, the Utah Healing Field displays thousands of flags. This field is full of flags to honor those who gave their lives on that tragic day. This is a free event that is perfect for families to come remember those who served that day. The Utah Healing Field is located in Sandy, Utah.

The Utah Healing Field has been on display since the first anniversary of 9/11, so 2023 is the 22nd year these flags have been displayed. Many people have visited this memorial to remember and honor those who died in the attack. We felt a sense of reverence as we walked among the flags and talked with our children about what happened that day, and what we remember feeling as we witnessed these events.

The flags make an awesome display.
It is a great way to remember 9/11 as a family.
Our boys loved walking through the flags and talking about this day.

Signs around the flags have information about the number of lives lost. We love the honorary flags that bear the names of those who had died on 9/11. There are over 3000 flags in this memorial. We spent quite a bit of time walking quietly among the flags and signs.

The special flags were really neat.
There were a few information signs around the outside like this.
Looking at the names was another great way to remember.

This memorial is set up for a few days surrounding Patriot Day (9/11). In 2023, the Utah Healing Field will be on display from September 9-12,2023. There is parking along the street and plenty of space to spread out among the flags if you’d like to walk through the memorial. You can also view the flags by driving around the display.

Utah Healing Field is located at 10000 South Centennial Parkway in Sandy, Utah. For more information, visit their website. Another neat memorial in Utah is the Layton Vietnam War Memorial. It is a small replica of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC.

There are so many flags.
We enjoyed the Utah Healing Field.

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