Be a Junior Ranger at HOME

One of our favorite things to do at National and State Park is to become Junior Rangers. We believe this program helps our kids learn about the park we are visiting and the world around them. They have learned so much about history and geology just from doing Junior Ranger booklets. Since we aren’t able to travel to these places right now, we are working on becoming Junior Rangers at Home!

We love the Junior Ranger program!

There are many sites that allow you to learn about their park on the web and then mail in the book. A park ranger will review the book and then return it to you with a Junior Ranger badge. All for FREE! We have done this before for some of the National Trails like Lewis & Clark and the Underground Railroad. We can’t wait to work on some more Junior Ranger programs in our home.

Junior Ranger at Home programs

There are so many different badges to earn!

These are specific parks that have Junior Ranger programs with mail-in options.

Holy cow, there are so many. This website lists a whole bunch more.

Our oldest did the Underground Railroad Junior Ranger online a few years ago. Now we are working on some new online Junior Rangers.

Special Junior Ranger Booklets

Each park has different badges and patches.

There are special Junior Ranger booklets that can be earned in most parks, and they can also be earned at home. Addresses are provided in the booklets or on the website links.

We have collected quite a few Junior Ranger badges. This is a small part of our collection.

We hope this motivates you to Be a Junior Ranger at Home, and also to be a Junior Ranger whenever you visit a National Site or state parks. It is an amazing program!

We created these Junior Ranger scrapbooks to keep memories of all our Junior Ranger badges. We put a few photos of our boys at the park and their badge.
It’s fun to look back at the memories from each adventure.

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  1. Jennifer Ciha

    I love these books! Going to make a binder for our junior ranger booklets. We are coming this fall to Utah!

    1. Natalie Ockey

      We love our junior ranger binders. We look at them all the time. And we hope you love your visit to Utah!!