Provo River Trail | Midway, UT

While exploring Heber Valley, we found a short trail that is flat, easy, and perfect for families. The Provo River Trail is just a small section of the Middle Provo River area in Midway. The best part of this trail is the end where you can enjoy some time along the riverbank.

This trail doesn’t really have a name, but it begins near the Legacy Bridge in Midway. There is a small parking area just below the bridge with signs that say Provo Reclamation Area. You will see an information sign and bathrooms, as well as the river right next to the parking lot. The trail heads south from here along the fence.

The Provo River Trail in Midway begins here.

The first section of the Provo River Trail isn’t very interesting as it walks by a fence and buildings. But after a few minutes, the trail comes to an overlook of the river and after this look, the hike becomes more beautiful. There are trees and flowers, and a few other looks at the river. This hike is probably best in the morning when the trees will offer shade.

The trail begins out along this fence by the water treatment plant.
Soon there are beautiful views of the Provo River.
The trail gets a lot better once you are near the river.
There were some nice wildflowers along the trail.

After a 1/2 mile, the hike ends at a large bend in the river. There are thousands of rocks, which are perfect for throwing into the river. There is also a great view of the backside of Mount Timpanogos. We spent about 20 minutes enjoying this pretty spot before turning around and heading back the way we came.

There are lots of little trails over to the river.
The trail was shady in the morning when we hiked.
The trail ends here with a beautiful view of Mount Timpanogos.

The mosquitoes were really bad the morning we were there, so make sure to take bug spray. We also saw two snakes and a few birds, but this would be a great spot to see lots of different animals.

This is one of the small snakes that we spotted.
You are never very far from town, as you can see from the telephone poles in this picture.

The total distance is 1.0 mile round trip and the entire hike is very flat. This would be an excellent place to sit and fish, too. We only saw one other person walking this trail, so it was a very peaceful hike. The Provo River Trail in Midway is a great family hike in the Heber Valley area. For more ideas of family friendly ideas in Heber Valley, check out our list.

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