Haunted Wood Cove | Santa Clara, UT

We found a house that has built a pirate ship in their yard. Not a little pirate ship, but a huge pirate ship. Haunted Wood Cove is open to visitors to walk through, and it’s free.

The Pirates of Haunted Wood Cove

The pirates of Haunted Wood Cove are located in Santa Clara, Utah, which is near St. George. This pirate display is right in their front yard. We parked across the street so we didn’t block any parts of the ship. Then we walked over to admire this amazing light display.

The whole display is amazing.

You can walk through the ship at any time, and we visited in the afternoon. We walked through the ship and looked to see what the pirates were doing. There were lots of different pirate scenes happening on the inside of the ship that can’t be seen from the road, so you will definitely want to walk through. It only takes a few minutes to visit, and you can go through as many times as you’d like.

This stop is great for pirate lovers and families.
The pirates are up to all sorts of shenanigans.
There are pirates in and on the ship.
There are also a bunch of pirates just hanging out by the house.

At night, there are lights and music. We didn’t see this part of the show, but hope to come back another year at nighttime.

If you’d like to donate to help keep the pirates of Haunted Wood Cove coming back every year, they have a Venmo QR code at their info board. Part of the donations goes to help rescue animals, too.

This sign gives a little more information.

We were impressed with the Haunted Wood Cove Display. There are a lot of pirates and the pirate ship is awesome. If you are in the Santa Clara area near Halloween, make sure to drive by.

This home is located at 1993 Gubler Drive in Santa Clara, UT. Here is the link to other Southern Utah Halloween Haunts. And if you are looking for another free adventure during Halloween, check out the Red Hills Desert Garden Scarecrow Walk & Haunted Canyon.

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