Intermountain Train Expo

We finally made a stop at the Intermountain Train Expo. This is a gathering just for train lovers. There are all sorts of model train displays set up, shops to enjoy, and other hands-on activities. If you have a train lover, then you need to plan a visit. The Intermountain Train Expo happens every fall, but they host events throughout Utah all year long.

We enjoy the creativity that goes into these displays.

The year that we visited (2023), the Intermountain Train Expo was held at the Davis County Center and the entire room was filled with model trail displays. We had a blast walking around and admiring all of the details in the set-ups. These models take a lot of time and love to create.

Our boys loved the Thomas the Train display. There was a Thomas of all sizes, and you could change the speed of how fast they were each driving. We couldn’t believe they made a train so small. It was the tiniest Thomas the Train ever! These among the fun displays you will find at the Intermountain Train Expo.

Can you see the itty bitty Thomas?
The best part was you got to control the speed, too.

One of the highlights is the Lego model display. There are so many characters and scenes that children and adults can enjoy. This display takes up a very large area on the train show, and it’s colorful and bright, so everyone enjoys it. We love looking for Toy Story and Harry Potter characters among the Lego display.

The Lego display is amazing.
There are so many details to see in this display.
Plus there are trains driving by, too.

The Intermountain Train Expo always includes some hands-on activities for the kids. When we visited they had a place to learn how to make a tree for your own model train display. There was also a spot to drive a train at different speeds around a small area, and a coloring station. We really liked voting on our favorite pizza box display. They offer classes throughout the year where people can come and create their own layouts about the size of a pizza box. There were some really creative ones, and we couldn’t believe what they made with all of the donated supplies.

We made a little tree that we can use in our own display.
Our youngest loved driving all the different trains.
The pizza box creations were impressive.

One of the reasons the Intermountain Train Expo is great is because it is free for kids 10 and under. This way you can bring all those train lovers to enjoy the train displays and just pay for the adults. There is often a family discount, too. For more information, visit their website.

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