Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry

Our kids love dinosaurs, so we go on many dinosaur adventures. Earlier this year we did a trip to Dinosaur National Monument in Vernal. Another favorite is the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum. We even did a hike to a dinosaur track panel at Red Fleet State Park.
So when we learned about the Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry in Emery County, we knew we had to make a visit. The quarry is small and relatively unknown, but it is home to thousands of dinosaur bones. The dig is currently active, which means that bones are still be excavated. The displays are small, but nice. There is a Visitor’s Center with very helpful staff (we were the first visitor’s of the day– maybe that’s why). There are also a few small buildings that house dig sites where you can see the bones suspended in 3D as they were found.
An Allosaurus exhibit is the main focus of the visitor center.

There are a few other skulls and bones to view.
A few short hiking trails (each under 2 miles) criss-cross the site and one leads to an overlook. For dinosaur-lovers, this is a great destination. The drawback is the location. Located south of Price, you can only reach the quarry on dirt roads. We used the map from the BLM site located below. There are a lot of good signs to direct you to the dinosaur quarry, so it’s hard to get lost, but the road is a bit rough (we did see a fox along the way, though!)
This map courtesy of the BLM.
Actual Dinosaur egg in the case.

This is a real digging site…they are still looking for bones.

We liked this spot. These bones are 3-D.
That is how they found them in the dirt.

One of the bones we saw on the hike.

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  1. Melanie

    I just heard about this place a few days ago, that’s awesome that you guys have been. Did you see any people out there excavating while you were there?