Tony Grove | Logan Canyon

On a recent trip to Logan we visited Tony Grove. If you drive up Logan Canyon, you can access a small lake that has a short, beautiful hike around it. This area is gorgeous no matter what season you visit. 

Tony Grove wildflowers
The wildflowers are lovely here in the middle of summer.

The lake itself is about 7 miles off of the main canyon road, but the side-trip is paved, and Tony Grove is a beautiful place for a picnic. There are even restrooms and a large parking lot. There are other trails that leave from this parking area, so make sure you stick by the lake. If you begin the trail by the bathrooms, you will see a nature sign and the lake is just a little ways in front of you. If you begin on the other side of the parking lot, you will see a sign that labels the Tony Grove nature hike. This trail will take you into the woods a little before looping back around to the edge of the lake.

There is a day-use fee for visiting Logan Canyon. It is $10. Make sure to bring a few dollars to put in the envelopes. Your National Parks pass works in this area, so you can hang it in the window for your fee. These fees help keep our canyons beautiful.

We began the trail here–by the bathrooms and this nature sign.
So we ended our hike at this sign, but you can walk either direction and have a great time.

The hike goes around the lake and you can see all the way to the bottom of the crystal clear water. Friends have told us that they’ve seen moose here many times, but we’ve been many times and haven’t managed to see one here. We have seen moose many times in Logan Canyon, though. On one occasion we did spot a weasel, and that was very exciting. We always see chipmunks, squirrels, and different types of birds when we visit.

The trail is narrow, but easy to follow.
It walks right along the edge of the lake for most of the hike.

Along the trail there are different nature signs to help you learn more about the area. The signs are old, and some are falling apart, but we had fun reading the ones that were still readable. There are also benches along the trail for those who might need a small rest.

Our boys had fun reading all the signs along the way.
The signs share information about the natural area.

The trail is flat all the way around the lake. Parts of the trail are wide and easy to walk, while other times it narrows to single file and can be slightly rocky. There is even one section of board walk, but this is not a wheel-friendly trail. Our 3 year-old walked easily around the entire lake.

Parts of the trail look like this.
And other sections look like this.

You can also bring your kayaks or paddle boards up to Tony Grove. This is also a popular fishing spot. Our boys love to throw rocks into the lake. There is one section of the trail where you can walk right down by the water, so we always stop and throw a few rocks. We have been in both summer and fall, and it is a great stop no matter when you visit. The middle of July there are gorgeous wildflowers surrounding the lake, especially on the far side, so make sure to walk around so you can enjoy them.

Here is a look at Tony Grove in the Fall.
We couldn’t get enough of all the wildflowers.
One part of the trail leads you where you can walk a little closer and if you have young boys that means you must throw rocks!
This is the wide “beach” area of Tony Grove where you can toss a few rocks into the lake.

If you’re in the Logan or Bear Lake area and you’d like a beautiful alpine hike, try Tony Grove! Drive 19 miles up Logan Canyon and turn left when you see the sign. It is 7 additional miles on this side road to Tony Grove. From Bear Lake to Tony Grove it is 25 miles or about 45 minutes. For other fun stops in Logan Canyon, check out our post on Things to Do in Logan Canyon.

Tony Grove
The views of the mountains are beautiful, too.

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