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We love visiting Logan in beautiful Cache Valley. Although this town sits away from hustle of the I-15, there are still plenty of fun family activities. We always end up passing through Logan once or twice a year, and every year we find something new. We decided to compile a list of all the fun things that we have tried in this area. So here is our list of Things to do in Logan (or nearby).

American West Heritage Center

The American West Heritage Center is an active farm and has pioneer homes and buildings, as well as people portraying pioneer life. You can pan for gold, ride a train, play pioneer games, milk a cow, and wander around their beautiful grounds. Your family will spend a long time exploring this neat center.

Hyrum State Park

We stayed in the cabins at Hyrum State Park one year and had a ton of fun! We went fishing, played in the water, and explored Logan. This is a great spot for water activities in the summer.

Hardware Ranch (a winter activity only)

During the winter months, elk come down and winter in the canyon near Hyrum. If you drive carefully up the canyon to Hardware Ranch you can ride on a sleigh through the huge elk herd. It was amazing to be so close to these beautiful animals, and to learn so much about them.

Ryan’s Place Park

This special park was built in memory of Ryan, a young boy who passed away, but loved playing at the park. It is filled with fun things to do, and features a huge castle in the middle to explore. Kids of all ages will love playing here.

Adventure Playground Park at the Whittier Center

This park is similar to Ryan’s Place Park with the castle theme. One thing that is nice about The Adventure Playground is that it is all accessible with a smooth surface for wheels to move around on. We did notice it got hot in the summer, so maybe go for morning or evening play times on hot days.

Zootah (formerly known as Willow Park Zoo)
My boys checking out a swan. They were amazed it was standing on one foot.

We love the little zoo in Logan. Recently they changed their name to Zootah, and have updated a few things, so we can’t wait to go back. Take quarters for feeding the ducks and other birds, and have fun exploring this small zoo. It is next to a fun park, too!

USU Creamery

We are partial to the BYU creamery having lived in Utah County for many years, but the Utah State Creamery had lots of unique flavors and was not nearly as busy! We love stopping here for a quick treat whenever we pass through town. Make sure to get the Aggie Blue Mint.

Logan Tabernacle

You can take a free tour of the Logan Tabernacle. We enjoyed walking through this historic building and seeing the beautiful features. There are concerts here every day in the summer at 12:00 pm. So if you plan well, you can catch a variety of different performers in this building.

Casper’s Malt Shoppe

If you drive a few minutes outside of Logan to the north, you will find Casper’s Malt Shop where the Fat Boy Icecream Sandwich originated. The malt shop has lots of different treats such as ice cream, malts, and shakes. You can also stock up on Fat Boys if you need some for your family, but make sure to bring a cooler to get them home.


If you visit Logan, we highly recommend driving through Logan Canyon. It is a beautiful canyon with lots of wonderful hikes and picnic areas. Here is our list of Things to do in Logan Canyon.

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