Wheeler Historic Farm

Wheeler Historic Farm is a working farm, but they let people visit the grounds for FREE. This farm has a lot to offer and is a great place for all ages. Wheeler Farm is a beautiful spot to get out in nature, see some animals, and play at the playground.


We spent our morning looking at all the animals that live on Wheel Historic farm. You can walk all over the farm and see cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and more. The boys even kept a list of all the animals we saw, and we counted 20 including rats and an American goldfinch.

We had a blast with the goats at Wheeler Farm.
We especially loved the horses!
The goats are always fun to watch.

We also spent some time feeding the ducks and geese that are all over the farm. There are two ponds filled with ducks, but the ducks and geese wander everywhere. If the office is open, you can buy a bag of feed, or you can bring healthy things to feed the ducks like cut up grapes.

There are geese and ducks wandering everywhere. It’s so fun!
Our boys loved being able to feed the ducks.
We were able to feed lots of different animals.

Historic Farm Home

The historic farm home is beautiful. You can walk all around the grounds around the farm house. If you’d like to go inside, there is a one hour tour of the old farm house for $4/adult, $2/children. Tours are available from May-October at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. You can request a tour during November-April. We have not been able to take the tour yet.

The Wheeler home is beautiful.

There is also a barn filled with old farm equipment. You can check out the old tractors. For toddlers, this is always a favorite spot.

Make sure to stop in and look at the tractors.


There is a fun playground next to the farm area of Wheeler Farm. There is not a lot of shade over the playground, but we liked that there was a small playground for the little kids. The kids will love spending a few minutes playing here.

The playground has three levels.
They have added this smaller play area for young children.


Wheeler Farm has a lot of trails that wander behind the farm. Some people come and walk these trails every day. If you are looking for some more places to explore, you can walk along the dirt paths all over the farm. Here is a map of the trails at the farm.

The trails head back into the trees.

Other Activities

There are a few activities that you can pay to participate in at Wheeler Farm. We decided to ride the wagon pulled by a tractor. The ride costs $3.00/person and lasts for about 15 minutes. The tractor takes you to the land behind the farm that has old farm equipment and campgrounds. There is also a cow milking demonstration at 5:00 PM which costs $1/person to watch. We always miss these since we like to visit the farm in the morning. They also have seasonal activities like a farm fest, dog days, and a pumpkin patch. Check their website for more information on hours and dates.

The train ride takes you around the woodsy area behind the farm.

Wheeler Farm was a fun place to spend a few hours as a family. The grounds are beautiful, and we love seeing all of the animals. And you can’t beat the affordable price. Add Wheeler Farm to your list of spots to visit. If you are looking for other places to see animals, check out our list of Baby Animal Spots. These farms have events throughout the year.


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  1. angee

    I agree with Little Sister. We never go to Thanksgiving Point. This one is more fun for the kids! (although you don’t get a pony ride)

    And they do fun tours, if you can get a group of kids together. Cheap price, too, if I remember right.

  2. Little Sister

    Hey we tried this one and LOVED it. Cheaper and better than the Thanksgiving farm. More like a real farm since it is one!

  3. Cate

    Looks fun. Where do you come up with all of these activities?? I know how I will come up with adventures for my kids: your blog. Thanks. 🙂