Utah Lake State Park

Utah Lake State park was a disappointment. We often go down there to see birds, and we did see several grebes and an egret, but the “Visitor’s Center” was not worth the visit. There is one room with a small display, but it is mostly reading. The kids wanted to drive a pretend boat, but the monitor was out, so they just turned the steering wheel and moved the shift lever.

A display in the Visitors Center

Driving the boat

We asked about the Junior Ranger program and the eventually dug up a few booklets. The rangers were nice, but they didn’t have any Junior Ranger badges, and the didn’t seem likely to order them. They said if we completed the booklets, they’d give us a trinket from the geocaching stash, but somehow that didn’t seem the same.

We know that Utah Lake State Park is great for boating. We went out on the lake last year and did some skiing and tubing. That, and fishing are primarily what the lake is used for today.

Don’t bother with the Visitor’s Center, though.

A view of Utah lake

Riding the big tube on Utah Lake–go dad!
Boating on Utah Lake

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