Angie’s Restaurant in Logan

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Lately we’ve been sharing our restaurant secrets for travelers. We aren’t compensated for our opinions, but we do want to help you find good food while on the road. That said, we admit that Angie’s in Logan isn’t much of a secret.


Located right on Main Street and 7th North, Angie’s is popular with the locals and anyone who has lived in Logan or gone to Utah State. The food is amazing. You can get breakfast anytime, which is great for our pancake lover, and the restaurant specializes in straight up American fare. Pot roast, sandwiches, burgers, and huge amazing scones are among our favorites.

Angie’s has a huge menu!
We love that they serve breakfast all day.
The sandwiches and burgers are yummy, too!
You can buy a giant scone or giant cinnamon roll…and they are worth it. I love the scone!

Angie’s is also famous for their “Clean the Sink” challenge. We haven’t attempted the challenge, which is emptying a sink of ice cream, but one day we will. There are pictures of victors on the wall, and it seems as if you can do the challenge alone or with a group.

Clean the Sink challenge photo courtesy of Angie's website.
Clean the Sink challenge photo courtesy of Angie’s website.

If you pass through Logan, Angie’s is the best place to stop for a family meal.

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