Ogden Dinosaur Park

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One of our boys’ favorite places to see dinosaurs is the Ogden Dinosaur Park located at the mouth of Ogden Canyon. There are two parts to this park–inside and outside. We enjoy both.

Inside the Museum

We love spending time exploring the museum. Inside the building, there are fossils and dinosaurs that move and make noise. Our younger boys were a little nervous of the moving dinosaurs, but I thought they were amazing. There are quite a few different fossils as well as information about dinosaurs. There is also a huge gem and mineral display where we spent awhile looking for all the different colors.
That is one of the mechanical dinosaurs that moves and makes sounds.
This fossil of a Triceratops head is HUGE!
I’m pretty sure that this is always every little boy’s favorite–the T Rex!
We had a bunch of kiddos of different ages, and they all enjoyed Ogden Dinosaur park.

Outside Among the Dinosaurs

After wandering through the museum, you’ll want to head outside. That’s where you’ll find the best displays. There are life like dinosaurs everywhere!!
When you arrive, they’ll provide you with a map of the grounds. You walk around and find your own dinosaurs prowling through the gardens. This is the best part of the trip. These dinosaurs aren’t real (sorry to disappoint you); they are statues to represent dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all labeled and every time that we visit, we are impressed with how many different dinosaurs there are to take pictures next to. There is a trail through the park, but use your map to find hidden trails. We love exploring the back country dinosaur trails. These trails aren’t always stroller friendly, but we pushed the stroller and it was a little like off-roading!
Even dad had fun with the dinosaurs–watch out!
There are seriously dinosaurs everywhere! These little ones were fun, but there are two more in the background!
The dinosaurs are all different sizes and color.
Ogden Dinosaur Park also has two different play areas for the kids! There is a sand pit where children can dig for their own fossils and there is a playground for the kids with slides and dinosaurs to climb on. They also have a small pond where you can feed ducks and fish. We spotted a snake in the pond when we were there!
The play areas are a lot of fun, especially for the younger crowd!
You can see wildlife anywhere. We spotted this snake swimming in the pond.
This is the perfect place for all those dinosaur lovers out there. We have a list of 12 Amazing Dinosaur Destinations in Utah if you need more dino spots to visit!

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