Hidden Falls in Winter

This weekend we decided to hike Hidden Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon for our 52 Hike Challenge. This short walk barely qualifies as a hike as it is a mere 100 yards or so to the falls, but it is an adventurous 100 yards, particularly in winter.


To access Hidden Falls, park at the S curve in Big Cottonwood Canyon (this hike pairs well with another short hike called Mill B South Trail). From the parking area in the S curve, hike up the hill and cross the road. The trail starts at the top of the S curve just to the right of the barricade. A path leads into the woods, and you can already hear and see the waterfall. On this particular day in March, it was 60 degrees, and the new runoff was really roaring over the cliff, but this waterfall is always pretty good.

Start your hike to Hidden Falls to the right of this cement barrier. You’ll walk to the right of the creek.

For this hike, you basically hike along the creek, crossing it several times on logs or rocks. But with the “high” flowing water, it was a lot more difficult to cross than in summer, and the slippery snow added an extra challenge. Someone had placed pallets in the trickier places to make crossing the water easier, so even in winter it wasn’t too difficult.

The pallets helped us get through with no wet shoes. In the summer, we will walk up around the rocks to the right to avoid the water.
Follow the trail along the stream as you head toward the waterfall.

We hugged the right side of the narrow canyon and climbed the slope to the falls. Of course, our boys wouldn’t be content to just see the waterfall, they had to rock hop around getting right up close to it. We were lucky this time, and not one foot got soaked, but even if you went in, you’d only get wet up to your knee, far less if you’re fully grown. You can decide how far is far enough for your family.

There is an obvious trail to follow through the snow back to the waterfall.
Watch out for branches, and snow hanging on those branches!
Soon you will be able to see the waterfall through the trees.
Dad is really great at helping the kids stay dry.

The waterfall was truly beautiful. We always love stopping at this hidden spot in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We admired the beauty of the waterfall for quite some time, and we didn’t see another soul on the trail.

We love visiting Hidden Falls!
A few of us wanted to get a little closer look at the waterfall!

When we arrived at the end, the boys spent a few minutes throwing snow into the water and even more time eating the snow. It was beautiful and relaxing, and we were really glad we’d gotten out of the house! Hidden Falls in winter is more of a stop than a destination, but we really like this short little hike, and March was the perfect time to do it! This hike is a great one any time of year. If you are looking for more easy winter hikes, check out our full list. This hike pairs perfectly with Mill B South Interpretive Trail.  You park in the same location.

Watch for these “cinnamon rolls” along the trail. Snow that has fallen and then rolled down the hill. We thought they were so cool!
We threw snow in the water for a bit. This was also the spot that mom stopped to take pics of the waterfall.

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