Woodland Fairies at Gardner Village

Gardner Village has a fun, FREE adventure every summer. The Woodland Fairies move into the village during May and June. In 2024, you can enjoy the fairies from May 18-June 29. Our boys are always excited to go see what the fairies are doing, and they think their homes are amazing. Visiting the Woodland Fairies at Gardner Village is a fun family outing.

Woodland Fairies Gardner Village

Admire the Fairy Homes

Throughout the village, you will find little Fairy homes. Sometimes there are elaborate homes that take up quite a bit of space. Other times there are small little houses built into a barrel, or even hanging in the trees. We had so much fun searching all over for the different fairies. And the boys loved all the tiny little objects in the houses that were fairy sized!

Woodland Fairies Gardner Village
This fairy is enjoying a tree swing.
Woodland Fairies Gardner Village
A little fairy house in a planter box. Look at the little tools.
Woodland Fairies Gardner Village
The boys loved telling me everything they could spot in the fairies’ realm.
Woodland Fairies Gardner Village
Kids of all ages can enjoy the walk through Gardner Village.
We loved the cute little homes for the fairies.

Enjoy the Village

Our favorite spots in Gardner Village are the bridges. We love all the bridges and looking for fish, ducks, and other creatures. We happened to spy a snake on the bridge this trip, and my boys said it was the best thing we saw! Wandering through the village is fun all year long, but it’s extra fun when there are fairies to find.

Woodland Fairies Gardner Village
Gardner Village is such a beautiful place all year!
Woodland Fairies Gardner Village
Here’s the snake we spotted. He swam in the water for a bit, and then slithered under the Wishing Bridge.

Scavenger Hunt

There is a A to Z scavenger hunt throughout Gardner Village. Each letter has a clue that directs you to the next little fairy. The fairies are well labeled and in jars hanging throughout the village, so they are easy to find! This is a fun way to keep little ones walking along. My boys raced from fairy to fairy to try to make it all the way through the alphabet. This first sign is located in the center court area near the small cottage on the stage.

Here’s the beginning of the scavenger hunt, but you can start anywhere.
The clues will help you find all of the fairies in the village.

Other Events

On Saturdays, there is a free fairy parade at 12 pm, and there are lots of other activities happening during this event. There are plenty of great spots for pictures, including some fairy wing walls throughout the village, so keep an eye out. For more information about the fairy activities, visit the Gardner Village site. We still had a ton of fun searching for the Woodland Fairies and seeing all the creative fairy houses. Check out the Woodland Fairies at Gardner Village!

There is always a lot to see and explore at Gardner Village. Check out The Historic Scavenger Hunt, the Witches in October, and the Elves in December.

Aren’t the fairy homes darling?
There are also a lot of spots for photos.


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