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Hogle Zoo Playground & Splash Pad

(Last Updated On: May 31, 2018)

Hogle Zoo Playground 8

Creekside Play Area is the newest addition to the Hogle Zoo. We love our local Utah Zoo, and we love that they are constantly trying to improve and update the grounds. The new playground is located right next to the Lighthouse Point Splash Zone that was added a few years ago. So now when you visit the zoo, you can climb and play while visiting the animals.


The Creekside Play Area is fun for all ages. My boys ages 9, 7, and 3 loved being able to climb on the rocks, and swing on the ropes. The slides were fast and fun, even for the big kids. We played for quite awhile, and none of them wanted to leave.

Hogle Zoo Playground 2

The playset is very large.

Hogle Zoo Playground 6

The climbing wall is simple enough for our little ones.

Hogle Zoo Playground 4

There are stairs if they can’t manage the wall.

Hogle Zoo Playground 3

The playset has a natural feel.

Hogle Zoo Playground 9

This slide was fun because you climbed into the rock from the other side and slide out the bottom.

There are bridges and stairs to play on. There are also rock walls to climb. We really liked that the entire playset looks very natural, almost like rocks in the wild you might find to explore.

Hogle Zoo Playground 5

My older boys loved these rope swings.

Hogle Zoo Playground 7

The rock climbing area was super fun!

The Lighthouse Splash Pad has been at the zoo for a few years, but it’s a fun area to play in, too. Your kids will get wet, so be prepared. Luckily it was a hot day when we were there, so we just slid off their shoes and I told them to get as wet as they dared. Our 3 year-old went all out, while the older two were a little more cautious with the splashing, shooting water. The lighthouse in this area has a huge slide coming down and kids can go down this slide without getting wet.

Hogle Zoo Playground 19

We have loved the lighthouse slide for awhile now.

Hogle Zoo Playground 18

The water area has a few sprayers and then one huge sprayer that goes off every few minutes.

Hogle Zoo Playground 17

The pirate ship is fun to play in even if the water is turned off.

Hogle Zoo Playground 16

The little river area is fun to splash in so come prepared in the summer to play in the water.

The other area that was added is a little walkway next to Emigration Creek that runs through Hogle Zoo’s property. You can walk along the pathway and see the river. There are signs that explain about the importance of the creek and teach about the animals in the area. My boys loved the two bridges. One is a rope bridge, and the other is a wooden bridge. Both are fun for running across.

Hogle Zoo Playground 10

The new trail near Emigration Creek is a great family stroll.

Hogle Zoo Playground 15

We ran across this bridge a lot of times.

Hogle Zoo Playground 13

You walk right along the shady creek.

Hogle Zoo Playground 12

This area is perfect for strollers and wheelchairs.

Hogle Zoo Playground 11

There are two bridges to explore here.

We love the new play area at the zoo. It adds a whole new reason to visit. We can’t wait to go back and play some more.

Hogle Zoo Playground 1

The play area is a great addition to the zoo!


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  • My boys totally photobombed the picture you took of your youngest on the stairs! How funny you were there the same moment as me and my kids. I have really enjoyed your site and have gotten some fun places I want to see! I was checking back on something and saw your new post and my boys! (I have three boys too). Thanks for your great website!