Willow Creek Park | Park City

We played at a fun park in Park City on our latest trip to the area. Willow Creek Park has a fun farm themed playground, as well as a dog park complete with pond. Even with a little snow on the ground, we had a blast running around at Willow Creek Park.

This park has two different playgrounds. One is a large playground for ages 5 and up and is built in the shape of the barn. It has multiple levels with fun slides and climbing areas. Our older boys had a great time exploring all over this playground. The second playground is built for age 5 and under and it also follows the farm theme. It has a large tractor painted on one side, and is still plenty fun, but on a smaller scale.

This playground is shaped like a barn.
There are a bunch of different slides and ways to climb around.
Our boys love when there are lots of levels.
This smaller playground is also farm themed and includes this tractor.
This playground is perfect for toddlers.

Willow Creek Park also has a huge dog park. It is fenced in and there is a grassy area for dogs to run around and play. We were most impressed with the large pond that they have set aside for the dogs to play in. When we visited in November it was closed off because the pond was frozen over, and it said that there was ice skating in the winter. That sounds like a lot of fun.

This is the pond in the dog park area. The view was beautiful!

This park also has some other great features like a big pavilion, bathrooms, and lots of sports courts. There were tennis and pickle ball courts, as well as basketball courts with different hoop heights. Our boys love that because then everyone can play according to ability.

The sports courts were really high quality.
The pavilion is nice and there are a lot of tables inside.

If you need a spot to burn some energy next time you are in Park City, plan a visit to Willow Creek Park. You’ll have a blast. And if you are looking for other fun family friendly activities in Park City, check out our full list.


  • Location: 4460 Split Rail Lane Park City
  • More information about the park: Basin Recreation.

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