Kane Creek Petroglyphs near Moab

We saw a lot of petroglyphs on our trip to Moab. Several panels can be seen by traveling Kane Creek Boulevard on the east side of the Colorado River. The Kane Creek Petroglyphs can be seen in a few different spots along this route, and are easy for kids to see and enjoy.

How to get to Kane Creek

Take Kane Road right from Moab’s main street. Kane Road is between McDonalds and Burger King. Bear left at the Y. After about 3 miles, we came to Moon Flower Canyon. This area is gorgeous, and the camping here looks amazing.

Moon Flower Canyon

We pulled into the Moon Flower Canyon pullout at the sign and the petroglyphs are on the right side. A huge rock face has all kinds of petroglyphs carved into it. Some have been a bit defaced as they are right at ground level. The panel is pretty big about 100 feet long and 12 feet tall. Please remember to leave no trace by not touching the petroglyphs or creating your own.

Watch for this sign that marks the petroglyph area.
You can see how defaced these petroglyphs are.

Down the road 1.2 miles is another panel. All these panels seem to have bighorn sheep and snakes. I guess there were a lot of bighorn sheep in this area during the prehistoric times. And snakes are so easy to draw! 🤣

Lots of goats and snakes on this panel.

More Kane Creek Petroglyphs

More petroglyphs are located up this beautiful canyon. We continued down the road until we got to a cattleguard and the road became a well-maintained gravel road. From the cattleguard we traveled 1.3 miles to the final petroglyph. There is a sign, and a large rock just off the road. This rock is famous for “the birthing scene” or a child being born feet first (use your imagination). All four sides of the stone have some sort of petroglyph. This was the highlight of the Kane Creek Petroglyphs.

Watch for this sign as you head up the canyon. It marks the ‘birthing scene’ rock.
The birthing scene is on the left side of the rock in this picture.
There are petroglyphs on all sides of this rock.
There are some unique pictures here.

We have been told that there are other places to see petroglyphs in this area, including an owl. We can’t wait to go back and find them. If you are in the Moab area, be sure to check out the Poison Spider Petroglyphs just across the river.

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