Sledding at Donut Falls | Big Cottonwood Canyon

We are always on the lookout for a fun place to go sledding. There wasn’t much snow down here in the valley, so we headed up the mountain in hopes of finding a spot to sled. We had heard that Donut Falls was a great spot, so yesterday we spent the afternoon sledding at Donut Falls.

There are a lot of places to sled at Donut Falls.

The sledding site is not technically at Donut Falls. Donuts Falls is actually about 3 miles down the road, but it is near the outer parking area for Donut Falls. The road is closed, but there is a large area to park on both sides of the Big Cottonwood Canyon road. Once you find your parking spot, walk down the closed road for about 1/4 mile. You will see a lot of people over to your left having a great time. That is where you want to sled.

Park as close to this road as you can.
At the top of this small incline, the road turns right, but head left onto the snow. The sledding hills are over there.

There are quite a few different hills for you to try in the area. We started on the first hill that we came to and it was a pretty easy ride. This is probably the spot for smaller kids because the other hills had some serious hills and jumps. Our boys were huge fans of the jumps, but Mom preferred the first hill for its smoothness. Just to the left of this hill was a very steep hill with a big jump. Only the most serious sledders were attempting these runs, but for older kids, this was the place to be.

This is the first hill you will come to. It’s perfect for all ages, but great for smaller kids.
The mountains are so pretty in the background.
This is the extreme hill. You will see why in the next picture.
There is a huge jump at the bottom that sends you flying. Even if you don’t go off this jump, you go speeding down the hillside. This is definitely for older, more experienced sledders.

Across the sledding area is another hill. This one had some big bumps, and you could pick up some great speed, too. Our 5 year-old did great on the steeper slopes, but he didn’t go all the way to the top.

This is the hill on the farther side of the sledding area. It has some good spots for most ages, too.
Our boys really loved all the bumps along this hill.
They would fly up a little as they were sledding.

We liked that there was a lot of room to spread out because there were a lot of people. This is a popular sledding spot, so be prepared to take turns and share the hills with others. There was definitely ample space for everyone to sled. Remember it is good sledding etiquette to walk up the sides of the sledding runs. We saw several people get run over!

It is a large area, and beautiful, too!

If you need a spot to sled, definitely check out sledding at Donut Falls. It was a great family sledding spot. Everyone left with huge grins on their faces.

Tips for Families

  • Go early. The hills definitely got busier as the day went on, so earlier in the morning means less of a crowd, but it will also be cooler.
  • Sledding Ettiquite. Teach your kids the rule of walking up the side of the hills and not on the sledding runs. It was a pretty big problem, and clearly a lot of kids weren’t prepared. Not only do their boots dig up the runs, but this is a major safety issue. Don’t let your kid be the one to get wiped out by a sledder. Instead, show them where to walk when you arrive.
  • Dress warm. You’ll be playing on ice and snow, so be prepared with winter wear. We especially recommend boots and gloves to keep those toes and fingers warm. Hats are great for ears, too!
  • Bring hot chocolate. Our favorite part of sledding is returning to the car for some warm hot chocolate or apple cider. Just fill your cooler with hot water and pack some cups, spoons, and powdered cocoa or cider.
  • Take a dry pair of socks and shoes. Our boys seem to always get wet socks if we sled or play in the snow. So I bring an extra pair of socks and leave them in the car. Then if someone has frozen toes, the dry socks help them warm up quickly. We don’t use them every time, but I’m always glad I have them.
  • Pack snacks and water. We were starving after climbing up and down hills for two hours, and I packed some snacks for everyone. I forgot some water, and everyone was really thirsty. We enjoyed the hot chocolate, but everyone wanted a glass of water after all that exercise. So next time, I am going to throw some water bottles in the car, too.
  • Be careful. Please remember that sledding can lead to injury, so sled at your own risk. Even when you are sledding on a small hill, a little flip or a crash can cause scrapes, bruises, and even broken bones.

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