Sandy Splash Pad | Amphitheater Park

My youngest gave the Sandy Splash Pad at Amphitheater Park the “best splash pad” rating, so you know this is a good one. We had a lot of fun splashing at this splash pad. There was a lot of water and a lot of fun spots to play.

This splash pad is a blast!

The splash pad has a lot of little waterfalls at the top. Kids can stand in the waterfalls or even stand behind them. The water from these waterfalls then heads down a small river for the kids to splash in. This river was actually pretty powerful as it flowed from the top. So be a little careful with young kids up near the big rocks. The water then continues flowing down to the large sprayers on the other end. My kids love playing float the flip-flop at this splash pad. Use flip-flops, or other water toys to float down the river. It entertains kids for hours.

The waterfalls are so fun!
He loved standing behind them!
There is a small splash area near the waterfalls.
The river moves quickly as it comes down the hill.
This is our boys’ favorite splash pad game.

The sprayers give off a lot of water and children can get pretty drenched in this area. My boys loved standing right in the middle, of course. There are little sprayers along the river, too. Sandy Splash Pad has so much water and this is why kids love it!

The sprayers get everyone plenty wet.
There are little sprayers all along the river, too.

The Amphitheater Park splash pad has shade sails over the middle section of river. There are also some shade sails set up over benches along the edge. We recommend bringing a camp chair to set up in one of the shady areas where you can watch your children. There is a lot of grass around the splash pad, and a very small playground. The playground is not shaded, and isn’t worth visiting on its own. If you’d like to find great playgrounds in Salt Lake, check out our Best Parks in Salt Lake post.

There are a few shade sails over the splash pad.
There is a very small playground.
Sometimes this splash pad closes due to shows at the Amphitheater.

The Sandy Splash Pad is located right behind the Sandy Amphitheater. There is a large parking area, but if there is a show that night they will close the splash pad early. When we arrived there was a large sign letting us know about the early closure. The address for the Sandy Splash pad and Amphitheater Park is 1245 E 9400 S, Sandy, UT.

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