Sherald’s Frosty Freeze in Price

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Our favorite restaurant for a quick bite in Carbon County is Sherald’s Drive In. This restaurant seems to have lots of names: Sherald’s Frosty Freeze, Sherald’s Burger Bar, Sherald’s Drive-in. We are simply going to call it Sherald’s throughout this post! It is located near Fourth East on Main Street in Price. This review is part of our Favorite Restaurants in Every County series.

We were so excited to try Sherald’s!

Sherald’s in Price is right up our alley. This quaint restaurant is a blast from the past. There is no indoor seating, but just a few tables outside. Most people drive up into a numbered stall and order from their cars. Then they sit and eat right in the parking lot. Our car was pretty dirty from 5 days of adventuring, so we opted for one of the tables outside.

There are just a few outside tables.

The menu is hanging in large signs on the side of the building for those ordering in their cars, so make sure to take a look before you sit down. The workers notice when you are seated, or pulled up, and will come right over. They were really friendly and helpful which is one of the reasons we love local restaurants.

There are many different choices, and for a great price!
They recommended the Almond Joy, and we were super glad we tried it!. Delicious!

The food at Sherald’s is what you’d expect at a drive-in. There are burgers, fries, and shakes. The fries are good and crispy and the shakes were think and rich. We tried an Almond Joy shake that quickly became a favorite. The coconut and ice cream were just the right combination. The burgers at Sherald’s were pretty good, too. We really liked the price. Everything was very affordable (hamburger for $3!!) and we fed our family with everyone getting a shake for about $35. That’s a steal!


One quick note: we asked for water cups for everyone. We don’t usually buy soda. It’s one way to save on our bill. Most places have tiny water cups that you have to refill 1,000 times, but Sherald’s gave us big water cups. Our boys were able to take them and continue drinking in the car when we were done, too. We were so grateful since we had been hiking all day. Just a small thing that made a big difference in our eating experience!

Everything was really delicious.
There was plenty of food for everyone, too!
The water cups were huge! I was so grateful!

We love to support local businesses like Sherald’s. We will always choose a restaurant like this over a large chain or franchise. The prices were good, the service was great, and we enjoyed our meal. If you find yourself in Price, give it a try!


Sherald’s is located at 434 E Main St. in Price, Utah.



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