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Highland Splash Pad

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2022)

Every summer we try to make a stop at the Highland Splash Pad, which is located in front of the Highland City building. This is a tiny free water park that is great for kids, especially ages 10 and under. There is a small waterfall that goes under a bridge (you can’t play in the waterfall). The water comes out from the bridge and opens up into a wide ankle-deep stream. In the stream there are rocks for the children to climb on and fountains that they can play in.

The river runs from the waterfall over to the splash fountain.
Highland Splash Pad
Even the rocks shoot water!
Our boys love cooling off at this splash pad.

At the end of the stream, the water goes underground again. Then it comes spurting out of a fancy play fountain. The fountain has tons of different spouts all of which spurt in different sizes and patterns. The bigger kids seemed to hang out here.

The fountains spray a lot of water.
The fountains are fun for the older kids even though our toddler liked to walk around and touch them.
The fountains are fun for the older kids even though our toddler liked to walk around and touch them.
Our boys love the spray area.

My boys had a blast at the Highland Splash Pad. It was easy to supervise as a parent because there are tons of benches to sit on and watch the kids, and despite the fact that a toddler can drown in 3 inches of water, it would be pretty hard for a little one to drown here. The biggest danger would be falling and scuffing a knee on a rock. One caveat: there is not a lot of shade, so bring the sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, etc. There are bathrooms nearby for public use.

The park is open from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm on Monday-Saturday. The Highland Splash Pad is also turned off from 2:50-4:00 pm ever day for cleaning. You can check the current information on the Highland City website.

 The river has lots of rocks for climbing or sitting. I love to walk in here to cool off!
First visit to the splash pad.
2021 visit to the splash pad. Still loves it!