Uintah County Heritage Museum

Uintah County Heritage Museum is located right on Main Street in Vernal. Admission is free, and there are some great artifacts to explore with your kids.

We started outside the museum at the military memorial. This memorial recognizes those from the Vernal area who served in many of the wars that the US has been involved in. The highlight for our boys was the helicopter suspended in the air where it can be easily seen from passing cars.

The memorials are displayed outside the museum building.
Our boys enjoyed the helicopter on display.

Make sure to stop at the front desk when you visit the Uintah County Heritage Museum. Our boys were offered a variety of activities including a visual scavenger hunt and an alphabet scavenger hunt. They enjoyed searching through the museum for different items. This was such a great activity for the kids, and they even earned a treat for completing the scavenger hunt.

There are two different scavenger hunts so all ages can be involved.
They were happy for a treat at the end, too.

There are two floors to the museum, and both are crowded with Pioneer artifacts and other items unique to Vernal’s history. On the first floor, the focus is on the history of the area including old tools, technology advancements, early explorers, and transportation. One large section is dedicated to Native American history. There is also plenty of information about some of the businesses and industries in Vernal.

There were a lot of neat things on display in this museum.
We really enjoyed the telephone, telegraph, and light bulb displays.
It’s crazy to think cameras used to look like this.
We spotted lots of interesting artifacts in the Old West display.
The Native American display was nice, too. There were many arrowheads, pots, and clothing items.

Upstairs there is a section filled with firearms and weapons. There is also a glass case filled with porcelain dolls of all of the first ladies. We loved looking at how accurately they portrayed the presidents’ wives. There are also a few other pioneer artifacts on the second floor.

The upstairs room is a little smaller.
The porcelain dolls were very interesting.

We spent about an hour in the Uintah County Heritage Museum, and it was a nice break from all the dinosaur artifacts that we saw! The museum is also located next to the library, and some fun dinosaur statues where you can take classic Vernal photographs. For other great things to do in Vernal, check out our Vernal list.


  • Address: 155 East Main Street, Vernal.
  • Monday -Thursday 
  • September – May    9am -6pm
  • June – August    9am-7:30pm
  • Fridays
  • 9am – 6pm
  • Saturdays
  • 10am – 4pm  
  • Closed Sundays and  Holidays

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