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The Salt Lake Acting Company puts on a children’s show once a year. We had the opportunity to attend their performance of Pete the Cat (some of our favorite children’s picture books), and we loved the theater and the show.

The Salt Lake Acting Company performs in a wonderful old building that used to serve as an LDS chapel. It is an historic building that they have transformed into a beautiful theater. The theater is small, which allows you to be close to the show. It also means all the seats have a great view. There are even a few seats right on the side of the stage, and at this performance, mats for children at the edge of the stage.

We were excited that the theater used this old building in Salt Lake.
The theater is small with every seat being a good one.
The seats had plenty of room, and we really enjoyed the show.

The show was a lot of fun with great costumes and props. We also enjoyed the fun screen behind the stage that moves to let props in and out. The cast did a wonderful job and our favorite parts were when the audience was allowed to interact in the play. Our boys especially loved these parts.

The cookies were delicious. Make sure to get some!
Pete the Cat was a great show.

We really enjoyed the few moments after the show as well. Once the show was over, the cast members came out and answered questions. We are always pleased when theaters do this because it allows the children to learn a little bit more about the show they are seeing and how the theater works.

It was fun to get to know the cast a little bit after the show.

The Salt Lake Acting Company performs other shows throughout the year. Check their website for information, but we recommend keeping an eye out for their children’s shows and attending as a family. We had a wonderful time.

Tips for Families

  • Location: 168 West 500 North Salt Lake City
  • The children’s shows are during the day. Pete the Cat was at noon and 3:00pm. We were glad that they aren’t late at night.

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