The Scoop Drive Thru| Ice Cream Shop

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A new unique ice cream shop opened in West Jordan called The Scoop! The Scoop has a few things that set it apart from other ice cream spots.

First, they have a drive thru. This is amazing to us because sometimes taking young kids into restaurants is a pain. So, at The Scoop you can sit in your car and order your ice cream. This is also convenient when it’s cold outside because everyone eats ice cream in the winter, right?

The Scoop Drive Thru is worth a stop.

Not only do they have a drive thru, but we need to tell you that it’s covered with lights that are set to music. The lights and music are up all year and change as the holidays and seasons change.

Free light tunnel (not counting the cost of ice cream!)
Outside they have pictures of all the types of ice cream to help when you go through the drive thru.

Another reason we enjoyed The Scoop is because they have both Aggie AND BYU ice cream. They call themselves the College Creamery. We love both types of ice creams and visit these creameries often. So, we were excited that we could get a scoop of BYU ice cream and a scoop of Aggie ice cream in the same cone.

We’re brand loyal to BYU, but Aggie ice cream might be better!
We like to go inside and check out the different kinds of ice cream. They also have other treats like cookies and brownies.

If you decide to go inside and eat ice cream, The Scoop has an amazing seating area. There are comfy booths, tables with stools, and a room with arcade games. Our boys were so excited to play the old Nintendo games after they devoured their ice cream. The atmosphere is fun, and we thought it would be fun to gather a group of friends at The Scoop.

The seating area is well set up and fun.
Our boys were thrilled to have arcade games to try for free.

So, the next time you need some ice cream, head to The Scoop. You will not only love the ice cream, but you’ll enjoy the experience, too! For more info about their hours and location, visit their site or follow them on Instagram.

We loved visiting The Scoop!

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