Parowan Gap Petroglyph

Utah has so many great petroglyphs and pictographs. One of our favorite sites to see them is the Parowan Gap. Located about 10 minutes west of Parowan, the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs are an amazing set of panels that is worth a trip.


Actually, the Parowan Gap itself is an impressive site. It is easy to see why this is a sacred spot to many Native Americans, so please remember to treat it as such. The gap appears like a giant cut in the mountain, carved by a massive knife, and the road goes right through. Just before the gap, there is a parking area on the north side of the road. There are even pit toilets if you need them.

The Parowan Gap is easy to spot as you approach.

From the parking lot, walk toward the gap. Look closely at the rocks on the right side of the trail. There are dozens of carvings (petroglyphs) both high and low. Some are alone, but many are so crowded onto the rocks that they almost seem to overlap.

There are petroglyphs all over the rocks.
They are amazing to look at.

One of the cool things at the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs is the interpretive panels. According to the panels, modern Paiutes can still read the language of the art. So they have written an interpretation of the petroglyphs, which is included on the signs along the trail.

This panel is especially busy, but it has an interpretation.
We loved looking at the meaning of these ancient drawings.

Continue to walk through the gap to see many more petroglyphs. There are many different styles and types. As you cross the road, you’ll even see some engravings of early settlers, from the late 1800s up though the 1980s. Please refrain from making it any more modern than that! It is against the law to etch on these walls.

Walk through the gap to see lots more petroglyphs. Just be sure to watch for cars.
There are a few spots where you can get a little closer to the petroglyphs.
We love to find the different animals that are portrayed like this goat.

The Parowan Gap Petroglyphs are worth the trip from I-15. You’ll also drive right past a nice set of Dinosaur tracks that are just a few miles away. Make sure to check them out, too.


From Parowan, head north on Main Street. Turn west (left) onto 400 North. Drive under the interstate, and continue west for about 10.5 miles until you see the parking are before you drive through the Parowan Gap. Make sure and stop at the Dinosaur Tracks on your way out (or on your way back).

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