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Orem is building a new park and it has a ton of fun stuff. Hillcrest Park is the newest park in Orem. The playground is open and ready to play on. Our boys had such a great time on the Hillcrest Park playground. The views of the mountains are beautiful, too. We are excited for all of the additions still to come in summer of 2024.

The mountains are beautiful and so close to the park.


The playground area is huge. There are three main areas. The first is the area for the younger crowd. I wish that my boys were young because this playground is darling. There are little homes for pretend play, as well as a playground with small slides and climbing areas. It also has our favorite little scavenger hunt where kids can look for small figures throughout the playground. This part of the park is well covered with shade sails, too.

This is the smaller playground for young kids.
These little pretend play areas are so adorable.
We always have fun with our boys finding the hidden objects.
They look like this.

The large playground at Hillcrest Park is very tall! There are a lot of places for climbing and some very tall slides. This play area also has bridges connecting the two sides. It looks similar to the playground at Draper City Park.

This playground is huge!
Our kids love climbing and exploring in these super tall playgrounds.
It has tall slides all over the play area, too.

There is a large area that is more about exploring and climbing. It has large wooden beams to balance on as you walk from side to side. There area also rock walls and nets and other climbing type activities spread throughout this area. This was a great spot for our older boys to play.

This unique playground was fun for our bigger boys to explore.
They liked trying to make it across the obstacles without touching the ground.
There are nets and climbing walls, too.

Hillcrest Park has a bunch of other toys around these three main areas. There are climbing toys, and spinning toys. One particular climbing sphere has a bunch of spots to climb and then go down a large slide. This park also has a lot of swings! And FYI, this park has bark for it’s “flooring.”

There are a bunch of swings and spinning toys.
Hillcrest Park has so much to do.
This climbing cube is cool and has a very wide slide.

Other Amenities

There is a slackline and hammock area that is all set up and ready to use. You can bring your own hammock to tie between the tall poles. There is also a large grassy area, and the covering for the pavilion, but no tables yet.

This is the hammock/slackline area.
Plenty of grass and great views!

Hillcrest Park in Orem will have a splash pad opening this summer. This will be another fun part of the park. There are also a lot of pickleball courts on the way, a snack shack, walking paths, pavilions, and more. We will be visiting this park later this summer to see everything once it is completed. This park will definitely be added to our Best Parks in Utah County list.

Location: Hillcrest Park is located at 650 E 1400 S, Orem.

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