23 Things to Do in Salt Lake City with Kids

We share so many things about what to do in Utah. Then I realized that we didn’t have a post of the best things to do in Salt Lake City. We knew that must change! In this post, we are excited to share the best things to do in Salt Lake City with kids. We have visited each one of these spots and written more details about our family’s experience, so click the links to learn more.

Discovery Gateway Museum

This is one of our favorite hands-on museums in Utah. It is geared for kids ages 10 and under, with lots of play areas including a little town for pretend play. There is an actual helicopter on the roof where kids can pretend to be working with Life Flight. We also enjoy all of the fun stem activities here, too. Read more.

Church History Museum

This museum is an information museum about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This church has a large presence in Utah, and this has information on how it began, and the influence it had in founding Utah. There are many great hands-on exhibits, and fun scavenger hunts for the kids. Best of all, it’s FREE! More Details.

Temple Square

No visit to Salt Lake City is complete without a stop at Temple Square. This area is the heart of Salt Lake City and it has beautiful buildings, fountains, and flowers. It is run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but everything is free to visit. 2024: There is a lot of construction happening, so many spots are closed. But the grounds and buildings are still worth a visit. Learn More

Hogle Zoo

We are proud of our Hogle Zoo. There are a lot of great animals and fun exhibits. In the summer, there is a great playground and splash pad open, too. We love visiting in the winter, too, when there are fewer crowds. We love the fun shows they put on each day, as well as the carousel rides and train rides. If your kids love animals, this is a fun stop in Salt Lake City. All the Info.

This is the Place Heritage Park

Across the street from Hogle Zoo is an amazing pioneer adventure called This is the Place. This historic village has tons of fun hands-on activities for kids to learn about the pioneer times, including original or rebuilt Pioneer homes. There is also a section celebrating Utah’s indigenous people. It is one of our favorite places to visit in all seasons. Read more.

Clark Planetarium

Probably the best free adventure for kids in SLC! We love visiting the Clark Planetarium located at the Gateway Mall. This space center has so many fun things including an indoor playground and Mars rovers that you can drive. All the details.

Ensign Peak

An iconic hike in Salt Lake City is Ensign Peak. This short hike climbs up to the top of the hill where the original pioneers came and overlooked the valley that they would call home. We enjoy the view of Salt Lake Valley, especially since the trail is only 1.0 mile roundtrip. Trail info.

The U

Another fun trail in Salt Lake City is the Block U on the mountainside. The University of Utah is the oldest university in Utah, and there is a large U on the mountain to represent this school. Luckily the trail is flat and paved, and only 1/3 of a mile. Info on Hike.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park is Salt Lake City’s oldest park, and it has a lot of activities. There are two different playgrounds, large trees, a splash pad, and a beautiful pond. You can rent a paddle boat to ride across the pond, and there are other carnival type rides at the park. There is also a swimming pool, basketball courts, and a walking path. Read more.

Tracy Aviary

Inside Liberty Park you will find Tracy Aviary. We love visiting the Aviary because they have an amazing bird show inside or out. There are a lot of great bird exhibits and some fun places for the kids to explore and play. This is one of our favorite things to do in Salt Lake City with kids. All the details.

Gilgal Sculpture Garden

This is such a unique activity in Salt Lake. This garden is open to the public and has lots of different sculptures, motivational sayings, and beautiful flowers, too. We like to walk around and find new things every time we visit Gilgal Sculpture Garden. More info.

Miller Bird Refuge & Nature Park

If you want to find a peaceful, lovely walk inside the city, check out Miller Bird Refuge and Nature Park. This trail walks through gardens and along a creek. It is lovely in the spring and summer with flowers. Most of the trail is wheel friendly (there are a few parts with steps, but steps aren’t required). Visit here.

International Peace Gardens

The peace gardens were created in the 1950s to promote and understanding between many nations. Different areas of the gardens represent different nations. It is so fun to walk through and enjoy the different cultures, as well as the beautiful greenery and flowers. Make a stop here.

State Capitol Building

Take a free tour of the Utah State Capitol Building. This beautiful building has great history and interesting things to see. We love walking around the grounds to see the monuments and statues. If you visit in the spring, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms, too. Details here.

Memory Grove Park

Right next to the Utah State Capitol Building is Memory Grove Park. This park has memorials and monuments to Utah Veterans. It is also right next to the river with trails that walk along the river. This is an off leash area for dogs, so it is popular for dog owners.

Pioneer Memorial Museum

The Daughters of the Utah Pioneers have many museums throughout the state of Utah to collect histories and artifacts about the pioneers who came to Utah to settle. The Pioneer Memorial Museum is the largest and has many floors of interesting things to see including one of Brigham Young’s old wagons. We love wandering through this historic museum. Read more here.

Natural History Museum Utah (NHMU)

The Natural History Museum in Utah is fabulous. It has a ton of different exhibits and many of them have great hands-on activities for kids. You can spend the whole day. We love to start at the top and work our way down because you end with the dinosaurs and the kid play room. More info.

Red Butte Garden

Across the street from the NHMU, is Red Butte Garden. These gardens are beautiful and offer lots of places to walk and enjoy the greenery. They host lots of fun events, too. Red Butte Garden special event.

Living Room Hike

This hike is a bit of a challenge, but the views over Salt Lake City are amazing. The end is so rewarding with the cutest Flinstone furniture. The rocks have been shaped into chairs where you can sit and enjoy the view. This trail begins near the NHMU and Red Butte Garden, but you gain 1000 feet in elevation over 1.3 miles, so it’s a climb. Learn more.

The Leonardo

This museum is an interactive museum with art, history, and science exhibits. The focus is on Leonardo DaVinci and the Renaissance Man. They want visitors to learn, ask big questions, and have fun. There are changing exhibits all the time, but we love learning new things and the uniqueness of this museum. More details.

Sugarhouse Park

This park has a lot to do! There are walking trails, a huge pond, a stream to enjoy, and a super fun playground. It is also a great spot to sled in the winter time. We love taking a picnic and playing as a family at Sugarhouse park. Visit this park.

Hires Big H

There are a lot of great restaurants in Salt Lake City, but Hires Big H is a classic. This restaurant has been around since 1959 and is famous for its burgers, fresh cut fries, and dipping sauce (fry sauce). We also love the frosty mugs of root beer! This is a fun drive-in to enjoy. More info.

Fort Douglas Museum

The Fort Douglas Museum is a small war museum located on University of Utah’s campus. This small museum features about the history of the military in Utah. Our favorite part are the military vehicles on display on the outside. Our boys love checking them out! Learn more.

BONUS IDEAS: In the County, but out of the city

There are lots of amazing things to do with kids just outside of Salt Lake City . These are some that we recommend if you want to explore a little bit further.

Best Parks Salt Lake County

If you have kids that love playgrounds, there are some amazing parks spread throughout Salt Lake County. Here is our list of the 20 best parks in Salt Lake County.

Draper City Park

Big Cottonwood Hikes

There are lots of beautiful canyons near Salt Lake, but Big Cottonwood is our favorite. It is full of great family-friendly hikes. We love visiting this canyon in the summer and fall, and it is a great place to ski, too! More info.

Little Cottonwood Hikes

Little Cottonwood is just as beautiful as Big Cottonwood, but it is a little bit smaller. There is still a lot to see and do in all seasons. Check out our list of family-friendly hikes here.

Great Salt Lake State Park

Salt Lake City is famous because of the Great Salt Lake. There are three places where you can enjoy this famous lake that aren’t too far from Salt Lake City. First is the Great Salt Lake State Park. You can walk to the edge of the lake, and even float in it! There is a very small visitor center and some simple trails to walk. The marina is also here, so you can sometimes take a boat ride out onto the lake. Read more.

The Bonneville Salt Flats

The Salt Flats are quite a drive from Salt Lake, but they are a great place for pictures and it is super interesting to see the miles of salt flats. We love to stop at the rest stop along 1-80 for a quick trip. Here is the info.

Antelope Island State Park

We love visiting Antelope Island State Park. You can see bison and a lot of birds, as well as visit the Great Salt Lake. There are some great hikes and views of the lake. Make sure you don’t miss the historic ranch. This is a great spot to spend a day exploring if you have the time on your Salt Lake City visit.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Salt Lake City. We love finding more adventures for families all the time. We hope this list gave you a few ideas of what to do to enjoy Salt Lake with your family.

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