Lowe’s DIY Kids Workshops

Lowe’s Home Improvement stores hold kids building workshops every month. We have attended the Home Depot Kid Workshops for many years, but we finally snagged a reservation for the Lowe’s DIY Kids Workshops and built a snowman. We had a great time, and highly recommend building at a Lowe’s Kids Workshop. Here are a few things you need to know about these workshops.

Lowe’s Kids Workshops help kids practice using tools.


Lowe’s runs things a little bit differently. They require a reservation , and the spots fill up fast (at least they do here at my local store). What finally worked for us was I set a reminder on my phone when the registration was opening. Then I was able to sign our boys up with no trouble. Use this link to see upcoming workshops and the dates that registration is available.

Make sure to watch for the registration dates so you don’t miss out.

What to Expect

These workshops provide children with a simple kit that only requires a hammer, nails, and possibly a screwdriver. There are directions with pictures that are easy to follow and children can build these kits with limited parent help. The projects take about 20-30 minutes to complete depending on the age of your children.

You pick up the kit from the workers, and follow the instructions.
The projects are simple. We help our boys by holding things together while they hammer.
Our boys are old enough to mostly build these kits all on their own.

After completing each project, children earn a patch that they can iron on their Lowe’s apron. All of this is provided for free! Our Lowe’s was out of aprons this time, but they said they should be around next time, so we are holding on to our patches until they arrive.

He is so proud of his completed project, which is a picture frame.

We are so grateful for all of the free activities that businesses provide for families. The Lowe’s DIY Kids Workshops are a great activity for winter because it is indoors, and helps everyone get out of the house for a quick adventure. For other great indoor adventure ideas, check out our huge post of indoor activities in Utah.

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