Immersive Gamebox | Salt Lake

Immersive Gamebox is a really fun technology experience for the whole family. It’s a little like an arcade, a little like Virtual Reality, but much more physical than either. Our whole family loved competing and working together at this experience.

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Immersive Gamebox, in the Fashion Place Mall, has about a dozen games to choose from. After choosing a game, your group is led into a room that is about 10 x 10 x 10, which is the game box. Lights are projected on all four walls, and these constitute the game. The walls are touch sensitive, which is how you interact with the game. You also wear a headband, similar to a visor, that reads your motions for the game.

The visor detects your motion for the game.

Our experience with Tetris was really fun. We were taken through a variety of competitive and cooperative games using the basic blocks. We built a bridge across a river together, filled in spaces by dropping boxes as perfectly as we could, and found blocks quickly on the wall before moving them into their space. It was amazing how many fun variations they made for the game we played.

There is a little tutorial to help you learn how to move.
The Tetris game was simple and fun.

Four of us were in the box for about an hour. You can choose the length you’d like to play when you reserve your time. During some of the games we worked together and other games were independent. Each time we earned points, which added a bit of competition.

Each round you see how many points you earned.
You will find Immersive Gamebox Salt Lake at Fashion Place Mall.

Immersive Gamebox would be great for date night, family time, or friends looking to have an enjoyable time. We really enjoyed Tetris, and we can’t wait to go back and try a some of the other games. Don’t forget to use our coupon code “UAF20” to save 20% off. If you are looking for other date night ideas, check out our Utah Date Nights post.

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