Dipped Haus

We love date night, and we found a really delicious spot to spend time together. Dipped Haus is a great place to sit and chat with your loved one while making a romantic treat. Of course, you can take the entire family, which we did as well. Dipped Haus provides everything you need to dip strawberries and have fun!

Dipped Haus is an awesome family adventure.

The idea behind Dipped Haus is taking a dozen fresh strawberries, inserting a stick, and then dipping each one in chocolate. When we walked into the place, the strawberries, sticks, and supplies were all laid out for us. The first step was choosing what kind of chocolate and crumbles we wanted to use for our strawberry dipping. Since we had all five us on this “date,” we tried different kinds of chocolate, including dark, milk, white, and berries & cream (which we highly recommend).

After we chose our topping flavors, the workers gathered supplies and warmed the chocolate. While we waited, we decorated our boxes. These boxes are how you transport your strawberries home. There were markers and stickers, and our boys loved this part.

Use the QR code to choose your chocolates and toppings.
Decorating the boxes was a great way to stay entertained while you waited.

Once the chocolate and crumbles were ready, we learned how to properly dip the strawberries and add the toppings. One of the toppings is a “crumble” that you choose at the beginning. There is a large variety and we tried a bunch of different types. We asked for Fruity Pebbles, Froot Loops, Oreo, and strawberry shortcake (another high recommendation for the strawberry shortcake). They also have syrups to add like chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. The final touch is adding any sprinkles or other goodies (these cost extra if you choose to use the sprinkles). Finally, after a few minutes of drying, the strawberries were ready to pop into a box to take home and eat.

Dipped Haus gets everything ready for you before you arrive.
We loved learning how to dip the strawberries.
We took a big portion of the counter with all of our dipped strawberry creations.

Everyone in our family loved being able to create their own strawberries. Our boys loved mixing the variety or toppings and Mom loved making them as beautiful as possible. Our youngest who is 10 was able to do this activity all by himself. I think ages 6 and up could handle it easily on their own, and even younger children would do fine with assistance.

All of our boys were very independent and created yummy treats.

We really loved the set-up at Dipped Haus. Everything was ready to go when we arrived. There were two other groups there, but we were all spread out at a huge counter, so it felt like we were the only ones there. The workers were very helpful and there were also cute places to take photos, which we always love.

This activity was so much fun for our family! We talked about how it would be a great activity for a group date before a high school dance, which excited our teenagers. It could also be really fun for a birthday party or a girls’ night out. There are endless possibilities.

This is the perfect date night!
The strawberries look amazing!
All packed up and ready to go!

At the end of the night, we each walked out of Dipped Haus with a dozen, delicious strawberries and smiles on our faces. It really was a magical night. For more information on pricing and booking a reservation, visit Dipped Haus. Located in Sandy, Utah. For our full list of Date Night Ideas in Utah, click here.

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