Gordo’s Fun Farm

Gordo’s Fun Farm is a local pumpkin patch down in Spanish Fork. This fun fall festival has slides, games, animals, a small corn maze, and plenty of pumpkins. It is also more affordable than some of the other pumpkin patches ($8/ticket).

We showed up just before dark and took in the beautiful sunset. There were plenty of great photo opportunities with decorations they have on display. There was even a nice boy named Bronco who was making balloon animals for the kids.

We were excited to try out Gordo’s Fun Farm.
Make sure to take a photo here.
There were many cute photo spots around the farm.

We liked the variety of games that we played at Gordo’s Fun Farm. Our boys played cornhole for a while, shot rubber band guns at aluminum cans, and played four-square in the air, which is a little like volleyball. We spent most of our time at these games, but there were other things to do, too.

They have some fun swings!
This spot was very popular. Shooting rubber bands at the cans was really fun.
Our older boys loved this four square volleyball game. I’m sure it has a more official name.

In the middle of the property, there is a truck with a climbing structure and several slides. There was also a cool music area. We had fun banging on the pipes, pots, and pans. Our kids loved climbing through the tunnels and the straw bales. There were two different climbing areas, so it gave us plenty of room to explore and spread out. Gordo’s Fun Farm also has a corn pit, and a small train rides.

The farm has tunnels and fun spots to climb.
There are a lot of slides for the kids.
The corn pit is always popular.
We had fun with all of the activities at Gordo’s Fun Farm.

They had a huge variety of animals. We had a few quarters, so we bought some animal feed and fed the animals. They had goats, ponies, pigs, and puppies. The mama dog had 10 puppies. What a champion! The goats were hilarious since they were eating the cornstalks set up for decoration next to their pen.

We love feeding goats.
The pigs were enjoying some pumpkin snacks.

After that, we did the corn maze. Since it was getting dark, we didn’t make it through the entire maze, but it wasn’t too huge to be overwhelming, which we appreciate. There was also a tractor barrel ride that goes around the corn maze for kids under 12. In 2023, Gordo’s Fun Farm is adding a new small roller coaster ride. We can’t wait to try it out.

Take a picture of the map to help you through the corn maze!
We thought the decorations in the corn maze were cute.
Our boys always enjoy the tractor barrel rides.

Gordo’s has pumpkins for purchase. They are reasonably priced, so make sure to check them out. We grabbed a few of the small gourds for decorations. They also have a small food and drink stand if you are looking for dinner or treats.

The pumpkins were very affordable.

Gordo’s Fun Farm was a blast! We spent a few hours playing and having fun. We are excited to add this to our Fall Activities in Utah list.

Gordo’s Fun Farm is located at 3259 W 5600 S in Spanish Fork. Make sure to follow the signs for parking. You will drive past the farm, and around the corner, then come in through the back to park. It’s a little bit of an off roading experience, so go slow!

Drive around until you see this sign.

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