Hardware Ranch Elk

I first heard about the sleigh rides at Hardware Ranch and the elk herd that winters there 15 years ago–long before Utah’s Adventure Family became a family. It just always seemed so daunting to drive up to Logan in the dead of winter to make this adventure happen. But we had a free day today, it was relatively warm, and there was enough snow at the ranch to ride the sleighs.

This is the sleigh we rode in!

Hardware Ranch is located in Blackfork Canyon near Hyrum. That means making the drive to Cache Valley (specific direction can be found on their website). The drive up the canyon was really beautiful, and we saw deer, ducks, and at least 100 wild turkeys in several different bunches. Some turkeys were right on the road, so we got a great look.

wild turkeys in the snow
These beautiful birds were right by the road!

A huge heard of elk lives at Hardware Ranch, we saw about 500, but the number is variable with the year, and you can see them as you approach the Visitor’s Center. You can just view the elk from the road, and the visitor center, but we recommend the sleigh ride if you come to Hardware Ranch so you can go right into the herd. Drive up the hill to the right to buy tickets for the sled ride. Tickets are $10 for 9 and up, $4 for 4-8, and 3 and under are free. Then head down to the lower parking lot for the sled ride. Rides at Hardware Ranch only run Friday-Sunday from December through February. So this is a weekend adventure!

Hardware Ranch sign
Here’s the sign to turn up to buy tickets. There are signs all along the way to help you arrive safely!
hardware Ranch
You will walk down to the line for the sleigh ride.
elk in the field at Hardware Ranch
There are a LOT of elk!

These elk are totally wild, but they have been fed during winters here since 1945. I was surprised to learn the reason for the feeding. People in Hyrum noticed that the elk would venture down the canyon into the city limits during winter time. Some were making a nuisance of themselves, others were killed, either intentionally or by accident. The city put a plan in place to feed the elk and the top of the canyon from December through February. That year, the problem disappeared and no elk were killed or seen in the city. Since then, the elk have been fed for their own safety.

Each sleigh (sometimes they use wagons depending on snow accumulation) can carry around 20 people, and they are pulled by 2 horses. The sleighs take you right up into the elk herd. The guides stop and allow you to take pictures, ask questions, and just sit for a few minutes. We stopped three times during our ride and the elk are within 10 yards of the wagon. There are massive bulls, mostly cows, and a few yearlings. There was even a youngster still with spots born in late fall.

sleigh in the snow
We were so excited to go for a sleigh ride!
elk eating hay
The baby with spots was precious.
large bull elk
We really love the big bull elk!
elk herd at Hardware Ranch
It was a neat experience to ride into the middle of the herd.
two boys with elk in the background
Our boys thought it was amazing.

Our boys were awed by this experience. We love wild animals and so they are used to being out in the canyons, but it is a rare treat to be that close to huge mammals that are truly wild. Of course, Dad asked about a million questions, all of which the guide was able to answer.

view of the elk herd from the visitor center
You can see the herd from the top of the hill by the visitor’s center. They aren’t far!

There is a small Visitor’s Center at the Ranch where you can touch animal furs, see taxidermied animals, and use the restroom. We also took a picnic lunch and made a day of it.

visitor center display
This is the visitor’s center. There are different activities around the room.
touch table at the visitor center at hardware ranch
This was our favorite corner!
hardware ranch
We really loved touching the different furs. I think bobcat was the softest, but possibly fox! Badger is surprisingly soft, too!

Our boys loved this trip, and so did we. It’s worth it to make a day trip to Hardware Ranch in Cache Valley to see the elk!

If you decide to make the trip to Hardware Ranch, come prepared for the weather. We had on a lot of layers and we were glad that we did even on the warm day we were there. Other people on our sleigh brought blankets to bundle up in which I would definitely do if it was snowing or cold!

child bundled in scarf and coat
Our 6 year old is always freezing, so he took bundling up very seriously!

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