Cherry Peak Ski Resort

Can you believe that Utah’s Adventure Family has lived in Utah for a combined 101 years, but we hadn’t been on a single skiing trip? We knew we had to fix that, but we weren’t sure how. Skiing can be really daunting for a young family with little to no experience, but we found the perfect place to give skiing a run!

Cherry Peak Resort is Utah’s newest ski resort at just six years old. Though it hasn’t been around as long as many of the older resorts, in many ways, it is a better option for a family like ours. They have amazing ski instructors, a large area for beginners, and they are really close to Logan. In fact, a lot of folks will make the drive from Salt Lake and Utah Valley to ski with Cherry Peak because it is such a great option.

The views are beautiful at the top of Cherry Peak resort.


Cherry Peak is only a few miles from the small town of Richmond in Cache Valley. Because the resort is family friendly, you can park within a few dozen yards of the lodge and climb right on the ski lift. We loved that it wasn’t huge or overwhelming busy while we were trying to learn.

The lodge at Cherry Peak has large rooms for everyone to store their stuff.

They also outfitted us with everything from skis and boots to helmets and goggles for an affordable price. The lift tickets are considerably cheaper than at the other bigger resorts in Utah making it a little more cost effective and family-friendly. We appreciated the stream lined system they have set up for rentals. You move from sign to sign, and they are numbered so it’s easy to know what the next step is in the rental process.

They had lots of rental equipment.
We appreciated their streamlined rental system with numbered signs.
Everyone helped out kids try on their gear and make sure it fit correctly.


Best of all were the ski lessons. Our teacher, Courtney worked with all five of us. We had a 90-minute lesson in which he taught us everything from the parts of a ski, to how to turn, stop, control your skis, and especially, get up when you fall! By the end of the lesson, our boys ages 8-14 were already talking about their futures as professional skiers!

There are lots of options for ski school at Cherry Peak. Check out their lesson plans here.

We began our lessons practicing on one ski.
Courtney (our teacher) was so patient with us since we were new beginners.
Our instructor took individual time with all of our kids to make sure they were learning.

Magic Carpet

One of the sweet features of Cherry Peak Ski Resort is what they call the magic carpet ride. After we’d mastered the basics of getting around flat ground on the skis, Courtney led us to the ride. It is essentially a conveyor belt that you stand on as you are pulled up the mountain. This “ride” took us to the top of the bunny slope, where we joined other families that were just getting their skis under them. We spent another hour practicing sharp turns and stops in this safe area, using the magic carpet to haul us back to the top.

We loved riding the magic carpet in our skis.
We needed a lot of practice!

They have a special deal at Cherry Peak where you can pay just $10 if you only want to ski on the Magic Carpet. This is perfect for kids (and Moms) who are just learning and not ready to ride the lift.


Of course, Cherry Peak isn’t just for beginners. Once we gained some confidence, we headed up the real ski lift. There are multiple runs for skiers of all levels, and there is plenty of space to spread out and keep your distance. Of course, we didn’t make it to the high-level black runs, but we enjoyed several of the greens and blues on our first trip. 

The ski lift is right next to the lodge. There are a few others at the top.
The older boys loved skiing the different green (meaning beginner) courses.

If you have always wanted to give skiing a try, but you’ve been too overwhelmed by the details, contact Cherry Peak Resort. They turned us into budding skiers!


There is an extra stop on the Magic Carpet for the tubing hill. If your family isn’t ready for skiing, check out the fun tube ride at Cherry Peak. Grab a tube, ride the magic carpet to the top, and then tube down the hill. And then do it all over again. You are allowed to tube as many times as you want with your ticket. The family tickets are super affordable for tubing: $35 for 4 people, and add on anyone else for $5.

The tubes are provided with your entrance fee.
The tubing hill has music playing and is so fun.
At night, these poles are lit up.


A few things to know about Cherry Peak Ski Resort:

They have a snack shop and small grill with pretty reasonable prices. We enjoyed everything we ate, especially the hand cut fries. But resort food is going to be more expensive than bringing your own, so we recommend bringing food and snacks. 

The food from the grill is delicious.

They rent all the ski equipment you need in almost every size. Check rates and sizes on their website.

Cherry Peak is only open at night from Monday through Thursday. They open all day on Fridays and Saturdays, and then they are only open during the day on Sunday. This is a little different schedule, so check their webpage before you head up to make sure they are open.

In the summer, at least before Covid, they hold concerts at their resort. We can’t wait to check one out.

For more information about skiing in Utah as a family or with kids, visit our Skiing in Utah post. Or check out our Free Winter Adventures if you want more indoor ideas for winter.

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