Bear River Lodge

Each year we have a family reunion for all of Natalie’s side of the family. Her parents, four sisters, all 15 cousins, and our family meet up for a few days of fun and togetherness. This has helped us to stay close, even though our lives have taken us to 5 different states.

In order to accommodate all two dozen of us, we rent a big house or cabin and split the cost. One great option that we really enjoyed is the family reunion cabin at Bear River Lodge in the Uinta Mountains. This lodge had plenty of room for our group, and there were some amazing comforts as well. Best of all they have given us a discount code for us to share with you (see below).

The Bear River Lodge is a great family destination.

Family Reunion Cabin

The “Family Reunion” at Bear River Lodge sleeps around 22 people. There are 7 bedrooms including 3 rooms with a king bed, 1 with a queen, 1 with a queen and a twin, 1 with 2 queens, and 1 with 6 separate bunks built for the kids. That room even has two massive lovesacs that are really comfortable. Best of all each of these bedrooms comes with its very own bathroom and shower. This is a huge plus in these group rentals as we often have to take turns with just two bathrooms for two dozen people.

This is the family reunion cabin.
Some rooms have one bed, others have two.
All of the bathrooms are nice and very clean!
This was definitely a highlight of our stay. The kids room was super popular!

The kitchen space is really nice, too. There are two ovens, a double fridge, well-stocked cabinets, a microwave, coffee maker, and dishwasher. There is also plenty of granite counter space for five sisters to make meals for their families. The really nice kitchen feature, though, is seating around two long tables for twenty eaters, plus bar seats for five more at the counter. We’ve never stayed in a place that can accommodate 25 people sitting down to eat at the same time.

Cooking in this space was amazing!
We were so grateful for all of the seating for a large group.
We love staying where we can make our own meals.

In addition to the spacious kitchen, there are two nice gathering areas with sectional sofas and TVs that are perfect for watching a movie or just sitting to talk. Each of these rooms has a fireplace, which keeps the room cozy even if you visit in November like we did. The cabins are also kept like new. They are very clean, and the furniture and rugs were in great condition.

This room was so cozy!
We hung out down here a lot watching movies together.
The large windows were great with beautiful views and lots of light!

Outside the cabin there are two massive decks, one leading out from the basement and one from just above ground level. There are a few rocking chairs so that you can take in the gorgeous sunset to the west. Both decks look out over the ponds and hills below the cabin.

There is a nice large deck to enjoy outside.
We caught a beautiful sunset off the back deck.


Bear River Lodge also has other cabins to rent. There are a bunch of different sizes for all varying family needs. There are 1 and 2 room cabins for a couples getaway or a summer family vacation. They also have quite a few 5 room cabins for large family groups that don’t quite need the huge family reunion cabin. We walked through one of the one room cabins and we got excited about an anniversary trip here!

There are smaller cabins to stay in, as well.
This is a one room cabin. It has its own kitchen.
There is a nice sitting area.
A large king bed in the one room cabin.
There is a nice bathroom and this huge tub!!!

Other Amenities

Bear River Lodge has a lot of other amenities on their property. There is a pool that is open in the summer, and two hot tubs that are open year round. There are two fishing ponds where families can fish, and they even have poles if you need gear. They also have a small general store in case you forgot something you might need, or if you want a quick snack.

We spent a lot of time on the giant swing!
There is a pool and hot tubs.
The fishing ponds were frozen over when we visited, but we can’t wait to try them in the summer.
This is the general store.

A fun winter amenity that Bear River Lodge offers is Christmas Tree Permits. In the winter they sell Christmas Tree Permits and you can go cut your own Christmas Tree to take home and decorate. This is one of our favorite traditions

Cutting Christmas trees is so much fun!
We love finding the perfect one to take home.


The lodge also rents 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, and snowmobiles. We took a 7-hour rental on a side-by-side and enjoyed being together as a family as we explored the roads and ATV trails that are all over this area of Uinta National Forest. They trained us on how to use the rental, provided a safety video, and helped us feel ready to go. Exploring around the area was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

You can even rent from Bear River Lodge without staying. But if you do book a stay, they will give you a discount on machine rentals. They also offer guided tours if you want someone to be with you on your rental time. Make sure to check their rental options on their website.

We were so excited to try out a side by side rental.
They gave us pointers on where to drive and what trails to check out.
There was some snow in November, but soon this will all be covered!
They have a bunch of different types of rentals for all the seasons.
You can also rent helmets and other gear if you don’t have your own.

Mirror Lake Highway

We love the Mirror Lake Highway, and we love hiking and fishing all over this area of the Utah Mountains. So if you stay at the Bear River Lodge, make sure to plan some time to go drive and explore the Mirror Lake Highway. We’ve collected a whole list of hikes that you’ll want to check out. Visit our post Things to do on the Mirror Lake Highway for lots of ideas. Please note that the Mirror Lake Highway is closed during the winter, so this list would be for a summer or fall visit.

We love the Mirror Lake Highway.

The Den Restaurant

There is a restaurant that is open to the public throughout the year. The Den serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are also ice cream and shake options. We ate lunch at The Den to check out the food, and we were blown away with how delicious it was. My boys devoured their hamburgers and the homemade fries. Everything was really good. We cooked most of our meals in our cabin, but this offered a nice option for one of our meals. Check out their menu and current hours here.

There is a covered area to eat with heaters in the winter.
The burgers and fries were so good!
I barely got a picture before my family devoured all this food.

Discount Code

If you split the cost of the Bear River Lodge among families, it is quite reasonable, but we have a code that will save you 10% off your stay. Use code “utahsadventurefamily” when booking at Bear River Lodge to save 10%. If you are looking for an amazing place to stay with your family, check out the Bear River Lodge.

Bear River Lodge is a great spot for adventure.


Bear River Lodge is located at mile marker 49 on Highway 150 in Utah. This is on the very far eastern end of the Mirror Lake Highway on your way to Evanston.

When the Mirror Lake Highway is open, you can drive from Kamas, up the Mirror Lake Highway and enjoy adventures on the way up. When it is closed for the winter, you will need to access Bear River Lodge through Evanston, WY. It might be quicker for you to come this way depending on where you are located. From our home in Lehi, it’s about the same distance either way.

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