19 Dazzling Dinosaur Destinations in Utah

Utah is a dinosaur mecca, and many of the locals don’t even know it. But one thing we’ve learned as we’ve adventured around the state is that no matter where you are, there is a dinosaur destination nearby. Today we are featuring a list of our three boys’ favorite dinosaur spots and created a list of 19 Dazzling Dinosaur Destinations in Utah. We keep finding more dinosaur spots in Utah, and can’t wait to continue to grow this list. This list is in no particular order (except for #1). Just click the link to be taken to our full review of each of our favorite dino adventures:

19. Hutchings Museum in Lehi

The Hutchings Museum has lots of interesting displays about animals and history. The dinosaur area is fun and includes a touch table and brush the fossil station. We enjoy all the displays in this natural history museum.

18. Big Water Visitor Center

On your way to Lake Powell, make sure to stop at the Big Water Visitor Center and check out all of the fossils inside. There are also some fun displays on the outside of the museum, too.

17. Kanab Dinosaur Tracks

On our recent trip to Kanab, we found a fun trail that climbs to the top of a little plateau where you will find lots of dinosaur tracks. The views from up here are beautiful, too.

16. Dino Cliffs Trail in St. George

This trail is short and sweet, but leads to some pretty great dinosaur tracks. It is a little tricky to find where it begins, so use our blog to find specific directions. This hike is right in town.

15. Parowan Dinosaur Tracks

The Parowan Dinosaur Tracks are worth a stop when you head out to the Parown Petroglyphs. They are great to pair together. Look for these dinosaur markers that show where the tracks are. There are some cool tracks here.

14. St. George Discovery Site at Johnson Farm

This is a working site as they continue to dig layer by layer and discover new fossils. There are also lots of fun hands-on activities for the kid,  inside and out! More info.

13. Prehistoric Museum at Utah State University Eastern

We love dinosaurs! This is an ankylosaurus.

Carbon county is a hotbed of dinosaur fossils and many of them have been collected in this museum on the USU Eastern campus. There are other displays of Utah’s ancient history to see, and even a live alligator!

12. Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackway

IMG_0123 (1)

Located north of Moab is a dinosaur trackway that features three different kinds of dinosaur tracks including raptors and large sauropods. A short hike will take you to this amazing feature.

11. BYU Museum of Paleontology

BYU Museum of Paleontology

This destination is absolutely FREE, and few people in Utah Valley have visited it. In this museum, you can see fossils of T-rex, triceratops, a giant sloth, and much more. You can even watch paleontologists working on fossils.

10. Red Fleet State Park


Take a trip back in time and see some nearly perfect dinosaur footprints. Our favorite part of this trip is that you’ll find the dino-tracks at the end of a beautiful hike. If you’re near Vernal, we highly recommend this adventure.

9. Dinosaur Museum in Blanding


We loved this rather large museum, which boasts one of the largest collections of dinosaur skin imprints in the world. There is also a really cool room dedicated to dinosaur movies throughout history, which includes the dinosaur used in the original King Kong movie from 1933 (yes, that movie had a dinosaur in it).

8. Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry


This active quarry contains thousands of fossils. One thing that is unique about the display is that it is done in 3-d. Imagine fossils in the ground, and you could dissolve all the dirt leaving the fossils hanging in the air in their original positions. That’s what you get at the quarry!

7. Mill Canyon Dinosaur Interpretive Trail

Along the highway near Moab, there is a dinosaur interpretive trail with dinosaur bones, petrified wood, and information signs helping you locate all of them. We enjoyed this quick walk through dinosaur time.

6. Natural History Museum in Salt Lake

The Natural History Museum near the U of U campus has a lot more than dinosaurs in it. The top floors are dedicated to Native Americans, and there are several floors dedicated to Utah’s one-of-a-kind environment, but the bottom floors are all about dinosaurs.

5. Poison Spider Dinosaur Trackway


A very short uphill scramble takes you to the most clear dinosaur footprints we’ve ever seen. If the walk is too much for you, take along a pair of binoculars. There are also some amazing petroglyphs nearby.

4. Utah Fieldhouse of Natural History

This museum in Vernal is actually a state park. Kids will love working on the geologist badge and working their way through the different dinosaur eras. If you need a summer mini-vacation, we highly recommend driving out to Vernal.

3. Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point

We love this museum because it has one of the best dinosaur displays in the entire world. There are several interactive elements as well including an erosion table and a dinosaur dig.

2. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden

Ogden Dinosaur Park

This is easily our boys’ favorite dinosaur destination along the Wasatch Front. It is every dinosaur lover’s dream to wander about the grounds seeing life-size lizards hidden around the property. Our boys call this one the dinosaur zoo.

1. Dinosaur National Monument


This is the greatest dinosaur destination in Utah, and maybe in the world. There is a huge wall of fossils, several hikes, and a museum at this site that spans the Utah Colorado border. If you live in Utah and you haven’t been to this part of the state, stop making excuses and plan a trip! Dinosaur National Monument is so neat.


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  1. S. TAYLOR

    SEriously?!!! Not one word about the dinosaur discoveries in the Grand Staircase-ESCalante National Monument or the amazing museum in BIg WAter?

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Thanks for your suggestions. We have not been to the Big Water museum. These are just our 15 suggestions of places we have visited, and we will add more as we continue to explore Utah.